Will You?

Imagine the person who crossed your path today, tomorrow or perhaps next week holds the very key to your destiny.

Would you miss the chance to meet that person?

Would you outright ignore them?

Would you look away when they smiled at you?

Would you return the kindness of their good morning?

Certainly you would make the time to spend a few minutes getting to know them… would you?

Well, would you?

Here’s the thing folks… those people exist for both you and me. They are still out there, somewhere! They are just waiting for the right time and the right place to make their appearance and literally cross our path. They will certainly be looking for us and secretly hoping we will be looking for them as well.

Now you know these people are out there, the question is no longer would you? No the question is…

Question mark

Will you?

Will you… take the time to treat each and every person that crosses your path with the care, compassion and openness that destiny looks for?

Will you… actively seek to explore why those who have crossed your path are there?

Will you..  take the time, make the effort and keep a watchful eye for anyone and everyone who enters your life?

Will you… actively look for and seek out opportunities to engage and connect with everyone regardless of who they are or what they can or can not do for you?

I bet you will and when you do that’s when the keys of destiny start rattling in the pockets of those we most need to meet.

Ripple On!!!

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