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Bring the Ripple mojo to you! Whether you want to boost employee engagement, create a culture of customer service excellence, or evolve your organization through sales training or business development, Ripple Central will deliver a customized Ripple-inspired message to empower your audience.

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Check out the latest Ripple tools to transcend perceived limitations, deepen your professional and personal connections, communicate with greater confidence and conviction, identify your intentions and where you can add value, and map out a plan to put those intentions into action.

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Tired of traditional business networking functions? Bypass the surface dialogue and learn an innovative, intimate networking style to engage in exchange that matters. Discover potential connection points, commonalities, and opportunities that warrant further interaction.

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The Ripple Value

Engage. Exchange. Evolve.

Some people say it’s all about who you know. And yes, there’s some truth to that. But it’s not just about who you know. It’s how you know them. Think about all the people you come across in your daily life that you know (or think you know): your neighbor, local coffee shop barista, CrossFit coach, co-worker, etc. Then, throw in all the strangers. Your interaction quantity is high whether you’re a social butterfly or not. But are your interactions quality? Are you leveraging the potential of all these daily encounters? Because guess what, the potential is truly limitless. But if you don’t leverage all of this potential in the right way – if you don’t build meaningful connection points – you’re missing out, whether you realize it or not. Bottom-line: The way you engage in an exchange matters.

Getting to know people in a way that matters means cutting through the surface dialogue – the fluff, the contrived, the almost robotic pleasantries. You know what we’re talking about – the superficial engagements accompanied by forced smiles and laser-focused eye contact.

Rippling is about transcending these average, trivial interactions to get to talk that matters – talk that transforms. We’re talking raw, real, no-nonsense conversational exchange, be it business discourse or casual conversation.

But taking an exchange to a deeper level doesn’t always come naturally. Sometimes, it comes with obstacles. Fear. Discomfort. Vulnerability. Peeling back and shedding these layers of discomfort to maximize the power of relationships requires tools, techniques, and practice. That’s where the Ripple Effect comes into play.

You’ve probably heard of the term Ripple Effect. The concept is simple. Create good ripples and hey, you’ll get good ripples back. But for whatever reason, the implementation of the concept doesn’t always get put into practice. As such, opportunities to contribute, receive, and evolve are missed.

The Ripple Central Team will help you with the implementation piece of the puzzle, empowering you with a strategy to create good ripples in all aspects of your life or business. You never know how far and wide these ripples will reach, both professionally and personally, and you never know exactly how the process will play out. But make no doubt about it, the ripples always come back, almost always in ways never imagined. Only those who put Rippling into practice, get to experience and enjoy what ripples back.

So, cast a stone in the pond of infinite potential. Learn how to create your own ripples with customers, employees, partners, friends, and total strangers to kickstart your personal and professional success.

Let the Rippling begin!

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The Ripple

Everyday more people join the Rippling Experience

  • Steve is one of the most creative, engaging and genuine people I know.  He's an amazing business strategist, an engaging speaker and a master connector of people.  He's been a trusted "go to" resource for me and he's never steered me wrong."

    Kay Stroman
    Kay Stroman V.P. of Operations, Silvercar Inc.
  • " Steve Harper is a dynamic speaker who touches upon how we as humans can make the world a better place to live. His message about The Ripple Effect is wisdom that we should all embrace to cultivate both honest and lasting personal and professional relationships and partnerships.  We were extremely pleased to hear Mr. Harper speak at one of our conferences this year. The audience was captivated by his presentation and left the conference making references to his message."

    L. Xavier Cano
    L. Xavier Cano National Association of Hispanic MBAs/President

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