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I recently ran across this article on Inc. Magazine’s website and just wanted to share it with you. I personally have been on a mission these past two years to get myself into better shape both physically and mentally. Clearly exercise has played a big role in helping me make great strides in both arenas and I am proud of the results.

Sure it’s what you expect at the beginning of each new calendar year right? Get into shape. Exercise more. Stick to your resolution to lose 20 pounds. Everyone does it or at least thinks they should be doing it come this time of year. But how many of us follow through? How many will tough it out to make a measurable difference?

I am not here to preach to you about why you should exercise. I can only tell you that the results that I have seen in my own life have made a significant difference.

You don’t have to run right out to join a gym just to jump on the new year’s resolution bandwagon. In fact, I highly recommend you don’t. But, take a gander at this article and think about what 20 minutes invested each morning might do for you. You may just find that 20 minutes invested in your day may provide you a bigger return on investment than you could ever imagine.

Here’s the article I mentioned:


Oh in case you want some quick ways to get started, here are a few that are working for me:

  • I use the bathroom on the next floor up both at home and at work. The brief “bio” interruption provides a great opportunity to get some extra exercise in using the stairs.
  • I replace one coffee meeting with a walking meeting. Yep,  I meet people on the trail to discuss whatever they want to “meet” about.
  • I get up (3) times an hour while at work to walk around my office. The increase in blood flow helps clear my mind and get the creative juices flowing.
  • I try to stand more than I sit. I’m thinking of getting a standing desk this year.
  • I no longer drink cokes or hit the vending machines at work.
  • I bring healthy snacks to work like fruits and nuts and try and eat a little something every two hours.
  • I eat two healthy lunches, generally salads, every week.

Small but controllable changes add up and can make a huge difference in your lie. So what are you waiting for? Make this upcoming year your best one yet!

Ripple On!!!


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  • Marc Miller

    Just two healthy lunches a week???

  • dnaden

    Great suggestions, Steve. 
    I really like this one: I try to stand more than I sit. I’m thinking of getting a standing desk this year.

  • rippleon

    Thanks Dan! I am also looking into Fit Desk (more stationary bike with some bands for arm extensions).
    Marc, I know but I don’t want to. 🙂

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