The Million Dollar Coach

Him: “You know, you made me a millionaire don’t you?”

Me: Mouth falls open. Blink. “Huh?”

Him: “Your advice these past few years has been so instrumental in helping me achieve everything I have. I’ve made partners, I’ve attracted the right kinds of clients. I’ve found balance in my home life. Not mention you’ve made me a millionaire.”

Me: Smile. “Hmm it wasn’t me dude, it was all you.”

Him: Bigger smile. “No Mr. Ripple it was you and I am so thankful you are my coach and more importantly my friend.”

So I am not bragging here. In fact, I am honestly a little uncomfortable even sharing this brief interaction with one of my clients. Because it certainly sounds like I am bragging…but I’m not. I just had to share, because it’s one of the most significant moments in my Ripple career.

Here’s why.

When I first got into consulting and coaching, I really didn’t think I had a ton of value to bring. I know that sounds really bad but it’s true. I mean what could little ‘ol me bring to the table that would represent any real value to anyone – much less someone like the client above that was already successful in his own right?

However, the more opportunities I had, the more coaching and consulting conversations I was lucky enough to be involved in, I began to see exactly the value that I brought to these relationships. I recognized that I had a unique approach to helping people see things differently. I was good at getting people to open up, face their fears, overcome (at times) their personality or confidence deficiencies and get them to reframe their perspective. Also that I was able to get my clients to see what was possible and take the courageous steps forward to improve whatever area of their life or career they were focused on improving.

I found myself loving the role of trusted advisor and mentor. Seeing someone at their corner, helping them slay their mental and sometimes situational dragons. Then being a significant partner in their journey has been unbelievably rewarding. I found with each and every session I was gaining as much value as my clients were. That made me very happy and of course more confident that I’m doing the work I was intended to do.

It’s been several weeks since the above conversation took place. I still smile when I think of it – as I am doing now as I write this.

I wanted to share it with you for a very specific reason.

No not to pat myself on the back and encourage you to pick up the phone and call me to schedule your coaching session – though I’d be honored to work with you if the opportunity arose.

No this post more about trying to encourage you to find that “someone,” whether it be a coach, friend or mentor who will invest and support you in a way that helps you tackle whatever life throws at you. We all have challenges in our lives and careers and the truth is, we don’t have to go it alone. It’s okay to ask for help, It’s okay to seek input and guidance. It’s important to have a shoulder to cry on, a hand to pull you up or a boot to kick you in the hind quarters when you need it. There is absolutely no shame in it having  that special someone in your life to encourage and motivate you to be a better version of yourself.

If we are all committed to doing a better job with ourselves, gaining a little more traction on a business idea, losing some weight or simply retaking control of your life,  you’ll want a little help, encouragement and accountability along the way.

Trust me, finding that someone who will be there for you when you most need it is a pretty powerful step forward in the right direction.

Who knows, maybe they can help you realize your own dream of becoming a millionaire someday.

Ripple On!!!



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  • Carol Gonzales

    My son calls that finding an “accountabilibuddy”. I have known for a few years now that I am my own worst obstacle, having this or that or knowing whatever to truly make a go of it. I haven’t known you for long Steve, or even really well, but I believe you and think that that is awesome! Talk about validation! I think we all kind of need at least some of that for the efforts we put forth that sometimes leave us wondering “why?” or “is this working” or “am I on the right path” or will I ever achieve “X”, when I know that I’ve already achieved much more than probably most people in both art and design. Whether it’s confidence or information or a need to monetize while still doing what we were born to do – I truly see the value of what you are saying & congratulations to you on this most awesome moment and unexpected reward you received – so cool! ;]

    • Steve

      Thank you so much Carol. It was pretty cool and yes, I hadn’t thought about it as a “reward” per se but it very much was. Thank you for giving me that perspective! Keep Rippling On my friend!

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