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Career Transition

Career transition is a heavy topic that can be very intimidating for people. Often times, a career change can be unexpected due to layoffs or reorganization. Many of the individuals I have dealt with recently through coaching didn’t see a career change coming. Because of the unexpected nature of this happening, these individuals found themselves in a position to which they were not fully ready to immerse themselves in a process like having a career change. Something that many people do not typically associate with a career transition, is their network. Building your network is one of the most essential things that you can take advantage when you are experiencing a career transition.

Networks are IMPORTANT

I find that most people have not taken the time to create a sufficient network around them. This consists of people that would be willing to help you when this kind of transition occurs. Even when you aren’t directly in a career transition, your network is a critically important asset to helping you if you find yourself in a situation where you are without a job.

Building your network isn’t just a one-time thing –– it’s an everyday thing.

If you haven’t invested the time towards building the relationships that you have, then you can’t just expect someone to go out of their way and help you if you haven’t truly taken the time to grow that relationship.

Growing a relationship often times means that you’ve contributed more to another person than you have taken. Chances are, if you haven’t done that, they’re not going to be there for you.

Growing a Network

I often speak about the fact that you need 10 personal and 10 professional connections to be your core network that is your go to network. These people are the kind of people that will be there to assist you.

Often times, I find that when I am working with people, most of them haven’t truly taken the time to build up a sufficient network. Sometimes, it is that they have a strong network but are embarrassed or afraid to go to that network for assistance.

You must spend the time necessary to develop and enhance your network. Build value with those relationships and be there to sufficiently maintain those relationships. People recognize when you haven’t done anything to contribute to them. They recognize when you haven’t actually taken the time to get to know them or grow your relationship with them.

Because of this, you might get a polite response in return from the individual saying that they’re willing to help you out, but at the end of the day, they aren’t going to put forth their best effort. They won’t truly put forth their best effort because you have failed to do so with your relationship with them.

You have no one to blame but yourself for this.

So, it is important to reach out and start building those relationships. Focus your energy on getting out there and building the right connections which lead to a strong network.

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