The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect

Maximizing the Power
of Relationships for
Your Life and Business

"If you want to attract better connections to your network, develop better relationships in your life and learn to leverage the power of Rippling for your personal and professional success, you need to buy this book right now!"

- Christina Jones, Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

“Your ability to connect and engage with other people is the one key to success no one talks about…until now.”
Steve Harper, author

The Ripple Effect book

In this newly revised and expanded edition of the classic hit, The Ripple Effect: Maximizing the Power of Relationships for Your Life and Business, relationship expert and connection guru Steve Harper unlocks more secrets and shares even more strategies to put the power of the Ripple to work for you.

You’ll discover how to make pivotal connections and create mutually-beneficial relationships in both your professional and personal life. In this latest edition, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create deeper, more meaningful relationships
  • Leverage social media to expand and grow your own network
  • Avoid common networking mistakes, both online and in person
  • Grow customer loyalty, increase client referrals and improve employee retention
  • Use your network to create opportunities, even during a global pandemic
  • Establish connection lifelines that can help you when things get really tough
  • Build the personal and professional network you’ve dreamed of

There’s never been a better time take your Ripples to the next level.

So, what are you waiting for? Ripple On!!!

What Readers Have Said

  • The Ripple Effect is not a method or quick solution to your networking strategy. Rippling should be incorporated into your everyday life as it’s really the cornerstone of building relationships. Don’t be a taker, “selflessness if self serving” changed my life!

    Neil Reid
  • Loved this book! Incorporate the wisdom relayed in this book and you’ll see your world change. People do business with people. Highly recommend!

    Lora Tucker Kaasch
  • Amazing book! A Gamechanger!

  • I loved this book! As someone who is new to the "business world", I thought this book has been very valuable. I was a teacher before but I'm a personal trainer now. In order to have success I have to develop more of a business mindset. This book has taught me strategies that I can put in place right away. It has also taught me how to handle different situations. I went to my first networking event shortly after reading this book. I was a completely different person because of the things I learned. The book gave me more confidence to talk to new people and really showed me how important it is to talk to as many people as possible.

    Amazon Customer
  • Everything we do has an effect. When we put kindness and generosity out, that's what we will find coming back to us. This book explains how and why this happens and more importantly addresses the impact this can have on our personal and professional lives. Full of stories to inspire and practical tips to get you going, this book is a gift that has changed people's lives. This is one of those rare books that you know immediately has changed something in you and you want to make it required reading for everyone you know. Lofty, I realize. But for me, it's been that impactful.

    Melissa Lombard
  • I picked up The Ripple Effect hoping to learn some tricks I could use in a current job search in the midst of my career. What I found was advice on how better to live my life and expand on both my personal and professional networks. I now find myself thinking of ways in which I can add value to other people in my networks and with whom I can connect them to make a positive impact. Powerful, concise, clear, simple and filled with insight - I would recommend The Ripple Effect to anyone looking to examine how the choices they make change the world around them.

    Cameron P.
  • I've been in sales and business development for over 20 years and I have read many books on sales and communication. Steve has written the first book I can recall that speaks truth into networking. True value in business relationships comes from the relationship, not from new conversational techniques. When we take the time to truly connect with people and when we put our focus in the right place (how can we serve others?), those relationships will bear fruit; and not just fruit for a season, but for many years to come. Thank you Steve, for keeping me focused on what's important. I'm already looking for opportunities to create ripples!

    Russ Peterson
  • This book changed my whole attitude toward networking. Instead of approaching networking as a random activity that I know I need to do, but do halfheartedly and haphazardly, I now think of networking as a strategy. Thanks to the step-by-step process presented in this book, I have a clear plan designed to produce the maximum benefit for the time invested. I highly recommend this book for anyone who hates networking.

    N. Bishop
  • It made such a difference in both my personal and business relationships. Where I used to hesitate and then wind up loosing a wonderful opportunity, I think of Steve Harper and how what he said made so much sense...

    Fredda L Shuquist
  • After reading this book, I have become even more encouraged to slow down and take the time to be a bit more attentive and show a genuine interest in the people around me - as Steve Harper puts it "Look beneath the surface" - You will never know who you are meeting or what they are like until you take the time to find out. This author speaks on opportunities that come our way because of "who" we know and not so much because of "what" we know. In looking back at some of the most amazing opportunities, in my life, this is so very true. These amazing opportunities were presented to me because of "who" I knew and the relationships that I had built!

  • I had the privilege of hearing Steve Harper in person. I was intrigued by his presentation and bought The Ripple Effect book. The question is "Does it just sound good? or Does it really work?" I decided to adopt his approach in networking. I found it to be an authentic and genuine approach, but the catch is that it only works if YOU are authentic and genuine...The information in this book has revolutionized my networking! Since I have started building relationships the Ripple Effect way, I have found some really wonderful friends! I highly recommend this book! Thank you, Steve!

    The Ripple Effect is real!

Expanded third edition includes:

More tips for using social media to build your network

All-new stories about the Ripple Effect in action

Thoughts on what it means to Ripple in the age of COVID-19

What People Are Saying

The Ripple Effect is a must-read for anyone – introvert or extrovert — seeing a more human, more genuine, more enjoyable, more energizing, and infinitely, more sustainable and rewarding approach to seeking, creating and building solid business relationships.

– Patti DeNucci

Almost every success I have had I can ultimately trace back to a great connection I’ve made. Steve Harper will help you be more deliberate about your connections and more effective at maintaining them. Learn how to help yourself while you help others.

– Lorie Marrero

The Ripple Effect is not just a book, it’s a movement. Reading the book is the first step in changing your outlook not only about your work, but also about your life. Traditional networking is about exposure for your business. Ripples are about growing relationships and helping people. Of which would you rather be a part? Read this book. You won’t be sorry.

– Maura Thomas

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About Steve Harper

Steve Harper

Steve Harper has become one of the most sought after speakers and business strategists on the power of deepening and strengthening the power of connections through a process he calls “Rippling.” Steve’s unique and refreshing approach to how and why individuals, organizations and even our society can and must reach outside the box to connect, is literally changing lives and impacting corporate bottom line dollars.

A serial entrepreneur, professional speaker, author and leading business strategist, Steve has successfully uncovered the secret to creating powerful long-lasting connections and their impact on one’s personal and professional life. Steve has transitioned his years of business experience and unyielding customer focus into a successful consulting practice appropriately named The Ripple Effect after his successful first book by the same title.

Steve has always maintained a unique focus on developing strong, long-lasting relationships with his clients, prospects and employees. By building a strong network of referrals and repeat customers, Steve has honed his ability to foster client relationships into a leveraged system for achieving solid business success. That system is represented in his book The Ripple Effect and through his speaking engagements and customized speaking and workshop programs.

The Ripple Effect makes genuine connections happen, benefiting your relationships in ways you would never think possible.

– Dan Naden

Not only a superb book, but an essential read for any business leader who wants to grow more successful relationships with their team and clients. I highly recommend The Ripple Effect – In Fact I give this book and its invaluable lessons to my own clients.

– John Voyles

The tips and techniques offered in The Ripple Effect transcend the traditional ways of connecting and communicating and show you how to take that relationship building to the next level.

– Ann Miller

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