Thanksgiving Gravy

Have you noticed how Thanksgiving has become a bit of a cliché? I mean at this time of year our social timelines are overflowing with people proclaiming their gratefulness. It seems that somehow declaring it publicly has become a necessary mea culpa for us all via social media.

Though I don’t necessarily doubt people’s sincerity with these posts. I do question the legitimacy of it. Do most of us only feel compelled to share our true gratitude simply because the calendar says we should? Does it really take a day or two off work for us to remember to stop and give thanks for all the blessings we have in our lives?

Thanksgiving is after all by design the one holiday a year, at least here in America, where we were supposed to take stock for all that we have. The one day to express our love and gratitude assumingly for the people we have in our life. One day a year. Really? That’s all we get?

Is that really enough time to truly give the thanks we should be giving?

I realize this might seem a bit cynical and a departure from what you are accustomed to receiving from me. I don’t mean to offend anyone and if I have, I am sorry. The tributes and beautifully written posts on Facebook and Twitter have been enjoyable to read. It’s just hard to fathom the salience of the statements when bookend by so much other stuff – political hate, public discourse and of course those cat videos.

Thanksgiving, in my humble opinion, should not be a single day in the calendar year but rather every day. We should zealously express our sincere paean from the life we have been given. Not to mention the people in it every day, not just when the whiff of turkey lingers in our humble lábod.

This simple but profound practice of giving thanks daily has literally changed everything for me. This reflective powerful practice has been a game changer for my life as I have consistently focused, meditated and actively sought out and thanked those who have played some significant role in my life. The Ripplers who read this will understand and recognize the power of this small act. If not, perhaps you’ll be willing to give it a try for the next 365 days. Im sure you’ll see the Ripples you create for yourself and others. Trust me the actual day of Thanksgiving will quite literally have a whole new meaning for you.

I spent this Thanksgiving quietly reflecting and smiling about all that I have good in my life. Though I will admit, I did jump on the bandwagon and entered my own public declaration of thanks and gratitude in the spate of the social networking outpourings. I wasn’t being cynical, just going with the flow with a small smile of deference.

Ripple On!!!

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