Newton’s Law of Rippling

One of my biggest heroes is Sir Isaac Newton. Old Newty (he let’s me call him that) and I became friends when I began discovering how spot on accurate some of his laws were to the process of Rippling. In fact some, if not most, of what I speak and write on today can be supported by some this man’s shear “genius.” He loves it when I call him that.

Take for example Newty’s Third Law. Newty states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That means when we throw that pebble in the crystal clear water something happens. There is an action (you throwing the rock) and the rock hitting the water and sinking (outcome or result). The result of this action is that the crystal clear water is now transformed by your action. Ripples cascade out from where the rock (your action) went in and those Ripples go on an on for as long or as far as they are able. Touching places that are unpredictable and often unforeseen.

Newty and I would tell you can use his Third Law anytime you want. Heck he and I have even struck an exclusive deal that he won’t even charge you to use his Third Law. Can you say jackpot!?!

You can begin applying his Third Law right here and right now in your life. No not by picking up pebbles and tossing them in your nearest pond though your use of opposing thumbs would undoubtedly be impressive, it goes much deeper (thankfully) than that. Your ability to make an impact in far greater ways comes through the actions you take each and every day. Actions you take on behalf of others.

Newty would tell you that your actions and the impact of those actions has an ability to make such a major difference in the lives of others. He and I recently met up for coffee and he actually said that his law bore revision. He now believes that his Third Law should be aptly renamed The Law of Rippling. He and I got into a rather heated trademark conversation and it resulted in him throwing a muffin at me and leaving in a huff but I digress (between you and me he’s sort of a baby sometimes).

The point is he believes, as do I, that if we can each day use his Third Law to go out and create actions on behalf of others that the Ripples we create not only for other people, but for ourselves as well, can and will have a positive reaction. Hey he’s the genius, I’m just his modern day, coffee drinking, muffin stuck in my hair messenger.

Oh by the way Newty and I did make up. He’s now working with me to develop a model of this very topic for a future speech or training. He’s all jazzed up about telling me about the Law of Motion too and how it fits so nicely into this ongoing dialogue. Stay tuned but stay low…when the dude gets wired up muffins tend to fly everywhere!

Ripple On!!!

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