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I have recently completed a re-read of Guy Kawasaki’s The Art of The Start. This is a great book for anyone considering starting a business, in early stage development or perhaps in need of a refresher as to why you started your venture in the first place. Its a great “fire starter” on so many levels. He offers many lessons that I believe can be applied within our personal lives as well.

One of the points that Guy discusses is making meaning. Does what you are doing for a job or for a startup venture make meaning in the world? Guy describes meaning as:

Meaning is not about money, power, or prestige. It’s not even about creating a fun place to work. Among the meanings of “meaning” are to

  • Make the world a better place.
  • Increase the quality of life.
  • Right a terrible wrong.
  • Prevent the end of something good.

Those of you who know me that I have always tried to bring meaning to all that I do. I have tried to find the common good of contribution of most anything that I do. I believe in large part that is why I wrote the book.

I believe whole-heartedly that Guy makes a valuable argument for making meaning. Creating meaning in whatever you do is the “most powerful motivator there is.”

So why do so many people bump through life going to jobs they hate? Why do people create companies that don’t turn out anything like they envisioned when they started them? Why do people allow so much of the world to just happen to them?

I think Guy is onto something and the answer is in the meaning. When we fail to focus our effort on whatever we do in creating meaning, we not only short change ourselves but everyone around us.

So what meaning are you making?

Need help figuring it out? Drop me a line and let’s talk.

Ripple On!!!

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