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What mark will you leave behind?

I’ve been contemplating my own answers to that question as of late. Perhaps all the reading I’ve been doing on Albert Einstein and the like has had an effect on me. Maybe it’s the movies and documentaries I watch recently on Margret Thatcher, Nelson Mandela, Mark Twain, Steve Jobs and  “Hurricane” Ruben Carter.

Every one of them made a difference in their own little way. Each, to paraphrase a Steve Jobs’ line, put their own unique “dint in the universe” The Ripples of their contributions will live forever.

Did they know they were doing something significant when they were doing whatever it is they did? Or did they simply see something that needed to be done and found a way to do it, confident enough in their own skin to let history judge them on whether the job was done well or not. Each one of the people I mentioned left this world a better place because they were in it and with it they left a legacy by which we can all measure our own greatness against.

So what about me? What about you? Are we living our lives the same way, are we fighting for the little guy, are we not just noodling on the next great invention, but stepping up to create it? Are we taking our shot at history and creating the changes we’d like to see out there in the world?

What mark will you leave behind?

If you’re like me, you may not know yet but every day you take one step closer to finding out.

Go on, go make your mark!

Ripple On!!!

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