Who needs to hear from you today?

Who have you lost touch with?

Who did you forget to call back?

Who did you promise to schedule that coffee or lunch with and you haven’t followed through?

Who is important to you but because your life is crazy you simply haven’t been in touch with them lately?

There’s someone, I just know it. You probably know who who is before you even finish reading this don’t you?

Well then stop what your doing and reach out to them. This who for you.

Send them a text or write them an email.

Send up a smoke signal or simply pick up the phone.

Start with….”It’s been too long and you’ve been on my mind. How are?” and the Ripples will flow from there.

So who needs to hear from you today and what are you going to do about it?

Don’t just think about it, do something about it.

Ripple On!!!




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  • AnnOhio

    🙂  Works for me…

  • rippleon

    Thank you Ms. Ann! You are the Gold Star Example of a friend!

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