Where Should I Go

The Purpose of Life.  I have reached an age where I find myself really questioning things in my life.

For example:

How do I define success (now)?

If I was asked this 10-15 years ago, my definition would have been vastly different than it is today. In my late twenties, I would have said owning a BMW and a big house would have been a benchmark for my success. Seems so shallow to say that out loud now.  Today I would define it very differently.  Success to me is seeing smiling faces from my two boys. Sharing a laugh with my wife as we talk during our long walks. Being content with what I have and no longer obsessing with what I don’t have.

What makes me happy?

Today I am much more tuned into the feeling of happiness than I might have been in my earlier youth. It seems with age several things trigger the feeling of happiness. Impromptu hugs from my boys. Holding my wife’s hand.  A cool breeze on my skin on a hot day. The sunlight that shines through the beautiful tress in our backyard. The deep meaningful conversations I am privileged to have with my dad.

Where do I want to go with my career?

As many of you know, I have a unique way of making a living. I am a speaker, trainer and coach. I am also a technology entrepreneur focused on software and communication. Vastly different things on the surface but uniquely similar in a lot of ways. So pretty much everything I do has something to do with connection. Helping people, teams and projects connect better to arrive at better outcomes.

Though both “careers” seem to be headed down a positive track. I still find myself wondering what I can do to accelerate my success without increasing my stress, compromising the time away from my family and creating jobs and opportunities for others.

Purpose of life is choices

Where Should I Go?

As of late, I’ve immersed myself in books and movies that find the main character questioning their place in the world (I’ve listed them out if your interested at the bottom of the post). I suppose I’ve reached an age where man’s search for meaning and those bigger universal questions are starting to creep into my own way of thinking. In fact, lately they seem to come up more and more. Almost as if the mystery of my life is suddenly beaconing to be solved.

Now I often find myself wondering about the purpose of my own life. I want to play an active role in contributing to something bigger than myself and thus I feel as if these internal questions, this innate internal struggle is coming at a time in my life that my inner being is beginning to demand some definitive answers.

Why am I here? Where should I go? Who am I supposed to be?

Heavy stuff huh? It is but it’s also really fascinating. I think it’s taken me 44 years to realize that I’ve become a seeker. A seeker of answers. A seeker of relationships. And a seeker who suddenly finds that the adventure is something I need to play an active role in, not just let unfold on its own.

In fact I feel like for the first time in a long time, I am fully awake. As if the alarm clock has gone off and the beat to this inner drum is growing louder and louder. It’s calling me to go further into my journey and not only ask the meaningful questions but to experience whole-heartedly the answers of purpose. The purpose of life.

I’m no Socrates or Plato but maybe those dudes were onto something. I’ll have to let you know when I find out whatever it is that I am supposed to find out.

So what about you? Have you gone through a similar experience? Reached a point in your life where you suddenly found a need to discover more about yourself? If so, please shared your experience by dropping me a line (steve@ripplecentral.com) or leaving a comment here.

Ripple On!!!



WILD by Cheryl Strayed

A Walk In The Woods by Bill Bryson

Into The Wild by Jon Krakuer

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

The Way starring Martin Sheen

Peaceful Warrior starring Nick Nolte

The Visitor starring Richard Jenkins

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