What To Do When Your Integrity Is Called Into Question

Gut Punched

I am someone that has made it my life’s work to study and understand human connection and human behavior. It’s why the work I do through The Ripple is so important to me.

However, despite a deep appreciation for how people act in certain situations,  I am still caught off guard sometimes. Especially when the dark side of who they may be at their core bubbles up to the surface and explodes.

Whether be behavior from a boss, co-worker, friend or family member the reality is, you can feel like you were gut punched when it happens.

Even the Ripple Man isn’t immune to these shenanigans.

It’s About To Get Real

This week I took to Youtube to express some of what I am going through right now in a personal situation. I did this in a livestream exclusively to my Youtube followers but will post it to Facebook at some point.

On the livestream I shared my thoughts and some other situations where I found my integrity, truthfulness and honesty called into question. I decide to go “live” so that I could get the real thoughts out of my head in realtime. It felt better than posting some edited video later. Somehow more authentic and real.

I tried to remain respectful of the situation but the lessons I am learning are too big not to share.

I would be honored if you’d watch it.

Perhaps at some point in your life you have felt like I am feeling right now. Maybe you’ve struggled with being talked about by someone who was trying to make themselves look one way and you another. It cuts….deeply.

The thing is my friends, connecting is a contact sport. Not everyone is going to like you, agree with you or likely ever have your best interest in mind.

That’s okay. What’s not however, is when your trustworthiness, honesty, integrity or ethics are being called into question. That’s when you have to step up and be your own advocate.

As I state in this video, there are three sides to every story – yours, theirs and somewhere in there, the actual truth.

Maybe standing up for yourself opens up a dialogue that improves everything. Perhaps restating your position changes perspectives.

But in the end, maybe it just shows you who want to be in a relationship with and who you do not.

Ripple On!!!

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