What Are You Learning During Quarantine

Interesting Times During Quarantine

There is an appropriate quote attributed to both a Chinese Proverb as well as, British author, Eric Frank Russell. Not sure who gets the credit but how fitting is the quote for today?

“May you live in interesting times.”

We are certainly all living through a very interesting time right now. COVID-19 has put the world on temporary hold and if you are like me, it’s been a struggle. Initially I went through what I can only determine was a bout of severe depression and anxiety during quarantine. There was uncertainty in every aspect of life. Would there be enough toilet paper?  Could I manage to keep my teams employed? These worries hung over me like a darkest of gray clouds.

Those feeling eventually gave way to frustration and resentment. Had we reacted too slowly as a country and could we have gotten ahead of this situation a whole lot better had we recognized the threat earlier? Or had we reacted too quickly by closing everyone down not realizing the devastating impacts it would have on our economy and our personal lives.

Then Something Changed

What I can only call a happy accident, those negative, worrisome feelings changed into something else; hope.

I started discovering new ways to occupy some new found time. Those early workouts were replaced with catching up on a bit more sleep. The jam packed days I had grown accustomed to were suddenly less busy. There was more time to write, so I pulled out my journal. I doubled down on my meditation practice, meditating sometimes up to three times per day.

So I stopped giving worry and panic the power to paralyze me and started allowing my brain to start thinking of the possibilities of what’s next during quarantine?


I started going back through my idea book and looking at the things I had promised myself I’d do if only I had the time. Then I started doing them. Here’s a few:

  • Developing new content for my website and training programs
  • Creating the final pieces of a next edition of my Virtual Ripple Coaching Program 
  • Developed the final pieces for a joint coaching program I am doing with my good friend Asha Prasad
  • Teaching myself more editing skills on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere
  • Started developing an online course through Adobe Captivate
  • Getting more comfortable on live streaming (via Facebook & Twitter)
  • I’ve been reading a lot more. On pace for 40 books this year, something I haven’t accomplished in years.
  • Found my way back to journaling – not daily but pretty close
  • I took an online course from Maura Thomas to get control of my Attention Management
  • Attended more thought-provoking online meetings from folks like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss and Gabby Bernstein

Before I knew it, I was filling my soul with so much goodness that despite the negativity raging in the media and online, I suddenly found happiness in the midst of chaos.

What Have You Learned?

Personally I learned that I can cope with this situation a whole lot better than I may have thought I could. I can still manage to accomplish quite a bit during the quarantine. I recognize that in order to pull myself up from the depths of despair and frustration that I have to find something positive to put my energy towards.

What about you? What have you discovered about yourself during this very interesting time? Please let me know by adding a comment! You never know, what you share may just inspire someone else and isn’t that what the Ripple is all about?

We will get through this. I suppose the real question for us all, will we get through better than we were when we went into it?

I sure hope so.


Ripple On!!!

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