No matter when your life ends, how do you want to finish up? Will you have lived the life you wanted to live or simply lived the life that you allow to happen to you?

You still have a good bit of say in what that life looks like. But only if you get busy crafting the vision you want for that life.

In my latest Ripple VLOG, I discuss this concept of vision. I share what it means to me, three ideas to get started on finding your way to defining your own vision and I even do a little mid-video rapping to see if you are paying attention.

Who wouldn’t want to see that?

Come on, I know you do. I’m so confident that you do that believe it or not, it’s part of the very vision I’ve written for my own life. You didn’t know you were part of my vision did you? Well, you are. Thank me later.

But now it’s time for you to catch up.

What vision do you have for your life? What will you do? How do you want to finish up this thing you call your life? What will you accomplish? What legacy will you leave behind? Who will be there along the way to hold you to it?

Share your vision in the comments here and on the video. Let’s see how our two visions stack up!

Can’t see the video? Check out this link:

Get busy my friend. And as always…

Ripple On!!!

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