‘Tis The Season

I am excited for the holidays.  Maybe a wee bit more than in years past.  Why you ask? Because I think the older I get the more I begin to appreciate what the holidays mean for me. When it comes down to it the holidays represent happiness for me.

Happiness for me is….

How amazing our house looks when my wife decorates it for the holidays.

How excited my youngest son gets because he’s not too old to not believe.

How much nicer people are to each other.

Spending time with my family. My dad is visting again this year so that’s a big bonus!

Charlie Brown Christmas trees.

Seasonal beers.

The aroma that rises from our kitchen as my wife prepares her delicious offerings.

The stewardship amongst our neighbors.

The red Starbucks coffee cups.

The time off from work to spend with family.

Watching A Christmas Story for the bagillionth time. s

Santa and his elves. They’ve never once let me down.

The undying hope for snow (despite it being 68 degrees today). One can dream.

The hustle and bustle of shopping and that feeling when you lock onto a gift that is really special.

Being able to appreciate what we have and remembering so many more who aren’t as lucky.

Yep it’s the holidays. I’m happy and I hope as you read this you’ll reflect on what makes you happy this holiday season. That little Ripple does a body and it’s mind good.

Happy Holidays my friends and as always,

Ripple On!!!

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