This Too Will Pass

These are trying times. As a result, is a lot of fear and uncertainty.

Tuesday Austin received the stay at home order. It wasn’t until yesterday that the magnitude of what we are all experiencing found its way into my thoughts.

Having worked at home Wednesday and Thursday, yesterday I went up to the office. I needed to water the plants, collect the mail and grab a few things.

Days before there had been phones ringing, conversations happening, innovation and creativity abound. There was energy, there was life and now, it was empty. Quite and lifeless sans the occasional howl of the wind pressed against the skylight in our lobby.

I looked around as I gathered my things suddenly overwhelmed with sadness. The office seemed so lifeless, so empty and I missed my team so much it hurt.

This morning I woke with a newfound optimism. After a good night’s sleep I came downstairs, rearranged my home office and took stock. How grateful am I to have a home office, so many do not? How lucky I am to have a team that works from home and stays on top of things just as if they were in the office?

I realize that this too will pass, this momentary bump in the road. Our reality in the days and weeks ahead may be altered but the world needs us Ripplers now more than ever. There’s simply no time to wallow in self-pity I told myself. There’s work to be done and Ripples to be made.

Stay safe, healthy and connected my friends.

Ripple On!!!



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  • Maura Thomas

    Thanks for sharing your struggle, Steve. It’s a great reminder to count our blessings, and that this WILL be over eventually! Yet another positive ripple you’ve started!

    • Steve

      Ahh thank you my friend. Counting our blessings is a useful investment of our time, energy and attention!

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