The Voices in Your Head



Do you know that old cartoon, with an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other and their voice is whispering in your ear telling you what to do?

To be good or bad.

Well I actually think we have this yin and yang constantly at odds within our brain, and I call it the internal voice.


What is the Internal Voice?Everyone has personal struggles and experiences those times where there is a voice in your head that ultimately discourages you. Don't let that internal voice take control over your life!


The internal voice comes from our past. It stems from our failures, hardships, and ultimately our regrets.

You probably even recognize this voice as the voice of your dad or the voice of your first boss. Heck, it could even be your old girlfriend who said you sucked way back when you were 17 years old.

Those things stay with you.

Your brain works overtime to massage those experiences to be the lens that we look at the world through. When you’ve had many failures and bad experiences you may start to see the world more negatively.

“Will this person accept me, am I enough for my partner, am I doing the right thing by my kids, am I a good leader, am I a good employee, am I a good citizen, am I popular enough.”

You only hear these things when you let negativity impact the way that you look at the world around you.

Despite you being the communicator of these questions, most of this self-doubt is derived from someone else. Almost like a tick, these thoughts are planted deep into your mind and soul, and they resurface when you want to try and move forward with yourself.

To make matters worse, if you let the voices in your head run wild they get to take hold of space in our minds, doesn’t that suck?

I know first hand we all could use a little less clutter up there, but these things just don’t belong!


Take Control


It’s time to take control.

You may be thinking “Well great! How do I go about doing that?” Well, I don’t know exactly know myself.

But acknowledging it, understanding it’s there, and knowing it’s there to only hurt you is the first step to finding a solution.

Now don’t get mad thinking that I’d leave you with nothing.

The only way to stop letting this thing take control of your life is to kick it out, evict it, or give it such a small hold on your brain that it can’t control you.

Yell at it! Scream at it. Tell it “Get out of my head! You haven’t been paying for the space in my brain! You have no place here and don’t belong here! By god I’m going to kick you out to the curb because I’m no longer going to let these things filter through and decide my path in life!”

Once you learn about it, you’re on the right track to getting rid of that internal voice.

When you hear those thoughts saying, “you’re worthless.” Ask yourself:

Are these thoughts factual or are they assumptions?

That’s a good filter that helps you to come to peace with yourself.

Do you have the skills, abilities, knowledge, and the experience? Hell, do you just have the courage and drive to get off the couch and do something?

That internal voice wants you to think that you’re worthless, and if you listen to it, you will feel that way.

But once recognize that it’s there and that it is lying to you, you’ve already won.

Ripple On!!!




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