The Danger of Good To See You LinkedIn Invitations

(can’t see the video? )

Something dangerous is happening on LinkedIn.

I am sure if you use LinkedIn at all you’ve started seeing a whole bunch of people you don’t know asking you to connect.

It starts simple enough, “Steve, good to see you on LinkedIn” let’s connect. Just today, I’ve received several of these invites from people I simply don’t know. Clearly LinkedIn is ratcheting up their algorithm to make it easier for people to quickly add new connections for the sake of adding new connections.

But are these connections that we want?

Those of you have read my work know that I am highly critical of those who simply connect to pad their numbers or build their network for the sake of building their network. Adding someone to your network of trusted business advisors, at least in my opinion, is not something you should take lightly. If you do, you’ll be overwhelmed by every Thom, Dick and Harriet that wants to pitch, sell, introduce and yes, prostitute your most sacred personal and professional connections. Are you hearing me Will Robinson?

LinkedIn’s ease of adding new connections is good for them but not necessarily good for you.  Accepting that nice little standard LinkedIn introduction from someone you don’t even know opens up your entire network to them as well. If you get someone who abuses that, you’ve just exposed your network to an alien invasion that neither Will (Lost in Space reference for those who haven’t figured that out yet) nor Ripley (See Alien Movie) could event think save you from.

Of course, that’s just my opinion. I for one have my phaser set to stun and sending these blind invitations into the nearest Black Hole.

Ripple On!!!

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