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Traditional business networking functions are all about posturing and performance. Rarely do they give you a realistic glimpse of the person across from you. Typically, the same old tired lines are recited. Business cards are exchanged. And then what usually happens? Nothing.

Pointless, right?

The 8 Minute Ripple was developed to reform the ineffective way we do networking. As an innovative networking style, it ditches the typical business networking protocols and instead, delivers a truly unique connection-building experience built on effective communication and exchange.

As discussed in The Ripple Effect, it is the emergent, unplanned benefits of random connections, and the quality of relationships that ensue, that will render your life (personal and professional) a success. Relationships, especially those in business, can be significantly enhanced when people step outside of the box and connect as individuals.

The 8 Minute Ripple was born from this same philosophy. It facilitates a way for you to really get to know people in a way that matters. You’ll cut through all of that surface dialogue – the fluff, the contrived, the almost robotic pleasantries. You know what we’re talking about – that superficial form of engagement accompanied by the forced smile and laser-focused eye contact. You’ll move beyond this superficial veil to get a true glimpse of the person across from you and discover potential “connection points“, common interests and opportunities for further interaction. You’ll take your interaction to a deeper level and engage in talk that matters – talk that transforms. We’re talking raw, real, no nonsense conversational exchange – exchange that is far more likely to yield positive results for all parties involved.

You’ll walk away from this fun-filled, interaction-heavy experience with greater insight about yourself and the art of connecting. You’ll be surprised how just a few well placed questions can open up a world of potential for you. As one former participant suggested, “It’s like putting accelerant on building a relationship!”

We couldn’t agree more!

To learn more about The 8 Minute Ripple or to have Steve facilitate one for your company or conference please contact our team at info@ripplecentral.com

Ripple Reactions

  • I’ve had the opportunity to attend some of the 8 Minute Ripple events Steve hosts. As a person who does not like “networking” events I was very apprehensive. Steve kept assuring me that these events were different. I can’t even express how much I enjoyed these events. No posturing, business card pushing or name dropping. You had no idea who you were talking to or what they did. They could be a dish washer, waiter, CEO, Entrepreneur or brick layer, it didn’t matter. You spent 8 minutes talking about random subjects and ended up learning far more about that person than you ever could have ever learned at a “professional” networking event. The pretense is stripped away, you no longer feel like someone is trying get something from you, it’s really quite fun and you know something meaningful and lasting about the people you meet. All these years later I still have contact with people I met at one of these events. I have been asked to review project ideas, sample new product offerings or just provide feedback on ideas or concepts. In return I have asked for referrals or feedback or whatever I might have needed where outside points of view or character references were helpful.

    Patrick Dayton
    Patrick Dayton Technology Solutions Leader
  • If you have ever dreaded a business networking event, you want to hear Steve's perspective. He believes in building personal relationships for the right reasons - to genuinely learn about other people. The business can come later... and it will come, better than you expect. Steve sees the power of relationships which most people take fore granted, or worse, don't cultivate. I've watched him speak on several occasions. Every time I leave with new perspectives on my personal relationships. They are not vague sayings, but rather actionable steps anyone can take to cultivate stronger relationships.

    Drew Bixby
    Drew Bixby Promptivate LLC
  • I was thinking about the power of the 8 min Ripple and I have a very concrete example of why it is so powerful. The first 8 min Ripple I attended, I was greeted by Carlon. He gave me a badge, showed me around and made me feel welcome. As he interacted with the group I got to see him in action, but did not know him beyond “Carlon the CEO of Ripple”. The next event I attended we had the opportunity to do the 8 min Ripple together. One question in particular stands out as a connector. “What motto would you put on the door of your house.” His answer was three Chinese characters [everyone is your teacher] and mine was Namaste. That joining moment forever changed how I see Carlon. A few questions later I had a real sense of Carlon, beyond Carlon the business person. From that deeper connection I would easily share what I do, and why I am passionate about what I do, without using a practiced elevator speech.

    Patricia Ronzio, , M.Ed, CHES
    Patricia Ronzio, , M.Ed, CHES New Paradigm Coaching
  • I found myself at many networking events over the years, and after attending the first half dozen, I was left with a general opinion that networking was time-consuming and superficial. I also noticed that the time, energy, and money I put into these events was neither fun nor attracted new clients. This all changed when I went to my first Ripple event. Steve's approach was brilliant. My carefully crafted elevator pitches no longer fell on deaf ears, and the meaningless exchange of business cards was eliminated. By removing our covert agenda to talk about ourselves or push products and services and shifting our focus to getting to know the other person, Steve Harper mindfully crafted an event that naturally embodied the networking success principles found in Andrew Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People. These experiences are more effective, more fun, and create a more lasting impact on those you meet. You are just as likely to leave with new friends as you are future business. Now I call that a win-win experience! Check out the recent podcast interview with Steve and Misty here!

    Dr. Misty Funk
    Dr. Misty Funk Entrepreneur
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