• Steve Harper is a master connector and is someone who practices what he preaches. Steve knows the power of genuine connection and goes out of his way to engage and connect with people around him. It seems the man knows everyone, is everywhere and is involved in everything. Yet he always has time for people and makes everyone feel important. How? He has a genuine interest in people and is passionate about helping people connect and empowering them to be better connectors.

    For anyone who has ever questioned the difference one person can make, Steve is proof that the difference can be huge. The Ripples created by Steve, in just my own life, are countless. I’ve learned from him by way of his book, his classes, and most inspiringly, his example. Steve knows the magic of connection and is making the world a brighter, happier, more connected place, one ripple at a time.

    How do you help the most people and make the biggest impact on the world? If you are Steve Harper, you perfect the craft of meaningful connection, then go out into the world and share what you know.

    Everyone agrees networking is important and we all know we could be better communicators and have stronger connections. Steve’s classes go beyond what we all know as “networking” - taking it from a skill we think we should be better at, to a process that’s fun, interesting and makes our entire lives richer. When you fully grasp the power of The Ripple Effect, your life won’t ever be the same.

    Melissa Lombard Keller Williams Realty
  • If you have ever dreaded a business networking event, you want to hear Steve's perspective. He believes in building personal relationships for the right reasons - to genuinely learn about other people. The business can come later... and it will come, better than you expect. Steve sees the power of relationships which most people take fore granted, or worse, don't cultivate. I've watched him speak on several occasions. Every time I leave with new perspectives on my personal relationships. They are not vague sayings, but rather actionable steps anyone can take to cultivate stronger relationships.

    Drew Bixby Promptivate LLC
  • "Steve is one of the most gracious and committed individuals I've ever met. He is always willing to put other people first and truly lives the example of creating positive Ripples out there in the world. Mr. Ripple is a gift to anyone lucky enough to work with him or play in his universe for a little while. Do yourself a favor and meet this man. Invite him to speak to your company or next conference!"

    Kimberlie Dykeman Lifestyle & Performance Coach for Businessmen
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