Take Your Shot – Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams

Michael Jordan is considered amongst many basketball fans to be the greatest player to have ever played the game. His last game as a Chicago Bull was against the Utah Jazz in game 6 of the NBA finals. That game alone stood as a shining example of what magic “Air Jordan” brought to the game as he drained a game clinching jumper with 5.2 seconds left. The Bulls would celebrate their sixth NBA title because of that one shot. As a fan I still remember watching it and the goose bumps that crept up on my neck when that ball went in the hoop.

An amazing player, Jordan was somehow always able to put himself in the position to win. He was the go to guy and never feared taking the shot. He played with competitiveness and drive that undoubtedly fueled that basketball team and the entire city of Chicago and to this day stands as an example to me.

But what if Michael had never taken his shot? What if he allowed his high school basketball coach, who cut him from the team, to be the sole judge of his abilities? Air Jordan may never have come to fruition and he might have just been some guy named Mike.

I still wonder what happened to that coach who once told him he wouldn’t amount to anything in basketball. I wonder if he watched that ball go in that basket as I did and found some element of regret. No teacher, coach, or parent should ever be allowed to tell anyone looking up to them what they can’t do. Just an opinion.

Michael “Air” Jordan refused to let someone else tell him what he could do. He worked every day to make his dream a reality and never ever gave up. He took his shot and because he did, the rest is, as they say, history.

What shot are you failing to take? Hidden below your surface, imagine what Air Jordan like qualities could be hiding. That with the right attitude, the right focus and the same drive and undying commitment could put you in a position to make your shot a reality?

Don’t give up and take your shot!

Ripple On!!!

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