I recently had the pleasure of speaking at a leadership event for a large association. Though the woman who hired me to present had seen me speak years ago. We had stayed in touch despite her [...]


Stuck In Neutral?

Are you stuck in the exact same position you were in last year? Maybe you started the year off with big goals and aspirations and now as we enter the 4th quarter of yet another year, no progress [...]


Where Should I Go

I have reached an age where I find myself really questioning things in my life. For example: How do I define success (now)? If I was asked this 10-15 years ago, my definition would have been [...]

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Visible Leadership

Ripple Revisit – Post originally posted on 7/20/11. Chief Acevedo is still our Police Chief in Austin and is doing a fantastic job and is still a very visible leader.  VISIBLE LEADERSHIP [...]

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