Stuck In Neutral?

Are you stuck in the exact same position you were in last year?

Maybe you started the year off with big goals and aspirations and now as we enter the 4th quarter of yet another year, no progress has been made. Whether it was losing some weight, finding a new job, or moving forward with that new business idea or strategy – nothing has happened.

You are literally no further than you were at this time last year.

Actually if you think about it, you are actually worse off. You’ve just wasted another year of your life not making progress.

That totally sucks.

I’m not here to judge. Hell, in some ways, I can feel your pain as the writing of my next book has stalled. My virtual coaching program has yet to launch. One of my software companies hasn’t launched the super new cool features we thought would be out by now. Crap…just writing all that makes me feel like a bonafide loser.

Which I am not. But it kinda feels that way.

When you start focusing on all the things that you haven’t done, isn’t it frustrating? For me when I start focusing on it I start feeling that tiny shortness of breath, my heart starts to race and beads of sweat start to form above my brow.

Do you feel that way too…sometimes?

All I want to do is shut down. Not think about those things that stress me out. I think that’s natural.

But it’s wrong.

So wrong.

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who can not change their minds cannot change anything.”

When I work with my coaching clients that are “stuck” in what a call a neutral state, it often takes pointing out the lack of progress to wake them up. It may seem harsh but I ask them if they want to be seen as a big talker or as a big doer?

Neutral is safe. It’s a state that comes packed full of excuses as to why you didn’t do this, you didn’t follow through with that or how hard and difficult your individual situation might be. But you and I both know, money talks and bullshit walks.

Neutral is the killer of so much potential. The life we all want. The career paths we all should be on. The bodies we should be enjoying. The relationships we should be having.

Like George reminds us, progress is never gonna happen until we can change our approach. So change your attitude. Take steps daily to make some small progress on whatever it is you want to achieve. Refuse to let yourself stay in neutral with the motor running because eventually, you’ll run out of gas and never move forward.

Screw that, slam your life into DRIVE and step on the gas and start making some damn progress.

If not today, when?

Quite the excuses and do something today to shake yourself out of neutral. Remember any step forward is still a step forward and in my book that’s called progress.

Now quit the excuses and go make some magical shit happen.

Ripple On!!!


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