As I sit here at Starbucks and write this, I am watching person after person shuffle their way to the head of the line desperate for their caffeine. I’m a people watcher by nature. I find it fun to look at each individual and try and guess their story. Call me crazy but it’s a little game I like to play.

The last few trips to this particular Starbucks, I am struck by the lack of energy each person walks in with. There are no smiles. No attempts to engage their fellow caffeine addicts. Most are buried in their phones. Some are just blurry eye zombies desperate to make sure they don’t order their new-fangled drink incorrectly.

When they finally arrive at  the counter to place their order they don’t even bother to look at the person taking their order. They just hand over their money or scan their Starbucks cards automatically without even acknowledging the living breathing person on the other side of the counter. Then they shuffle to the end to wait for their order to be called.

So many people simply going through the motions.

It’s sad.

And I have to admit, a little depressing.

Has life cattle called us to the point that even stopping by Starbucks for a tasty treat has become a chore? A simple automatic motion that we simply go through without any joy.

I swear these people look like they might be headed to the gallows.

As Ripplers we have to protect ourselves from falling into the same trap. We have to guard against the go through the motion fog that seems to envelop so many others.

I made it a special point to catch the eye of a few people this morning. I smiled. I figured if they were missing theirs, I could spare mine. I was looking for a reaction. Anything to get these curmudgeons to wake up and realize life isn’t so bad!

Guess what? It created a spark. I noticed when they realized I was smiling AT THEM, they changed. There was a visible change in each person’s demeanor. Suddenly the once sullen were suddenly transformed from the ho-hum bumps on a log into something more. They were suddenly jarred awake and eager to return my smile back to me.

Ripples don’t have to be grandiose jesters. They can be something as minor as a well placed smile given as a gift to someone who desperately needs it.  That smile just may create a spark will change their day. No doubt it, will change yours. That’s Rippling at it’s finest.

Make it your mission to change someone’s life today.

Go create some sparks and watch the Ripples you will crate in the process.

Ripple On!!!

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