Is a Coach Right For Me?

Have you ever been curious about what personal and professional coaching might bring to your life? You think a coach might benefit you, but you’re not entirely sure. I can relate. I felt exactly the same way until I took a leap of faith and hired a coach. It was the best decision of my life.

Virtual Ripple Coaching Created Just For You!

This program is for people who want the value of a coach because they really need one but may not be ready to make a long-term or financial commitment. This 90-day program offers powerful, personalized coaching sessions which will certainly create a positive Ripple Effect in your personal and professional life.

Lifetime access to this program for the cost of one live coaching session.

Coaching Sessions Include:

Welcome Session: Why Coaching Makes a Difference

How having someone in your corner can make all the difference to your life and career.

Session 1: Who Do You Really Want To Be?

At a certain age we lose our ability to view the world with wide-eyed enthusiasm. Let’s get it back.

Session 1.5: Mid-month check-in

How to take your homework to the next level.

Session 2: Living Your Truth

How to start living life on your own terms, not someone else’s.

Session 2.5: Mid-month check-in

In this mid-month check-in we take truth building to a whole new level.

Session 3: Shoulder of Giants

How to recognize and show gratitude for the positive, influential people who have helped you along the way.

Session 3.5: Final check-in

Quite possibly the most amazing exercise and example you’ll ever experience and how to create a Ripple that will last a lifetime.

Bonus Surprises:

Throughout the program, you will receive some special surprises from Steve to keep you on track and filling your mind with new ideas and life-changing strategies.

Coach Steve Harper
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Meet Your Coach

Steve Harper has become one of the most sought after personal and professional coaches on the power of deepening and strengthening the power of connections through a process he calls “Rippling.”

Because of Steve’s unique and refreshing approach to coaching, his clients finally learn how to live life on their own terms. As a result, clients are able to reach outside the box to connect deeper, engage more passionately, and above all else, carve out the destiny they are meant to live personally and professionally.

Consequently, Steve is changing lives. Yours can be one of them.

A successful entrepreneur, professional speaker, author and coach, Steve has successfully taken his 25+ years of experience working with Fortune 500 executives, corporate leaders, startup entrepreneurs, and individuals and turned it into a successful virtual coaching program that anyone can put to work for themselves anytime they need it.

Virtual Ripple Coaching clients say…

  • Steve Harper is one of the best personal development coaches and human beings I have ever come across. He is down to Earth, results focused, and a keen observer of human behavior. He is insightful and intuitive and he brings a depth of business experience to his coaching and speaking engagements that enable him to truly understand the challenges that individuals and managers face when navigating their careers.

    Steve's coaching for professionals and executives is first rate. Steve understands the barriers that individuals face when they have hit a road bump in their careers, aren't sure of the way forward, or are struggling as entrepreneurs. If you listen to Steve's coaching podcast you will gain confidence and will be able to step back and take a good look at the issues that may be blocking you from moving forward professionally.

    I can't recommend Steve and his coaching techniques any more highly because I definitely  find Steve to be incredibly motivational.

    If I am feeling down a quick revisit to my Virtual Ripple Coaching Program gets me refocused and back to being productive and positive. Many coaches I have met have little by way of actual business experience and I think that hinders their ability to understand some of the business challenges people face. Steve's business background and acumen make him unique among coaches and professional speakers. If you need to get back on track in your life or career, you owe it to yourself to try his program. He is one in a million!

    Liz Handlin
    Liz Handlin CEO/Ultimate Resumes, LLC
  • Steve's new online coaching program is an excellent way to get his coaching expertise in the privacy of your office or home. I was truly impressed and feel this was a great benefit to myself. I felt from the beginning that Steve was there to ask me the questions I had been needing to ask myself, and gave me a chance to think about the answers in a new way. I found I was discovering new things about myself and changing my way of thinking about what things are truly possible for me at this point in my life. I felt he was there guiding me the whole time and truly cared about was committed to helping change my way of thinking and discover what was possible out there for me.

    Sheila McHone
    Sheila McHone Retired Public School Teacher
  • Where do I begin? I was actually lucky enough to have Steve as a personal business development coach. At the time that I met Steve, I was in a very different place in my life. I knew I wasn't where I imagined I'd be at that point but couldn't figure out what was missing or why things weren't adding up. I easily attribute to Steve, a lot of my transformation from that point to where I am now. And I am in a place now where I wake up and I can't believe what I'm surrounded by is my so called life - it's amazing!

    Steve is intuitive, a straight shooter, and also a good listener--a combination that is hard to find.

    Steve opened up my world to completely different ways to view the world. He will push you where you need to be pushed but isn't a stranger to hearing no either if you're not ready. Steve taught me that it's important to remain curious about people, to question the stories that are part of our personal narratives, and how to connect with people that otherwise seem impossible to connect to.

    I wish everyone could hire Steve as their personal coach, but first we'd have to figure out how to multiply him so everyone could have access to him. I was so excited to hear about Steve's Virtual Ripple Program because that's maybe about as good as we're going to get without having to figure out how to clone Steve. I'm going through his Virtual Ripple Program now and he's just as good! I cannot believe I've had the honor to work with Steve as my personal coach and I now get go through his Virtual Ripple Program. This stuff is gold.

    Aruna Ghatak-Roy
    Aruna Ghatak-Roy Attorney at Law

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