Companies and organizations of all sizes recognize the importance of training. The biggest challenge however, is finding the right trainer with impactful, actionable content that will capture hearts and minds.

“Steve captured our division leader’s attention in a way that I’ve never seen in other corporate trainings. He had them engaging in high value conversations and working on real world strategies that we continue to use to this day.”  – Sandy Barnum – Los Angeles Public Works

Steve helps organizations think differently about the importance of building relationships inside and outside the company. Whether it’s employee engagement, business development or customer retention, Steve customizes his training and workshops to fit any need.

Steve and his team can customize your training experience to improve employee engagement, internal culture, networking skills, customer service and business development. We also provide a variety of specific individual offerings to upgrade your leadership team’s effectiveness and overall business performance through micro-trainings and executive one on one coaching.

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  • Steve is a can’t-stop, won’t-stop kind of guy. He is very thorough and detailed with his work and is as on-point as I’ve ever seen. Of course, being the super geek, family man that he is, dad jokes round everything out and sometimes I just can’t stop laughing. He worked with my team when I had some challenges and helped me to realize things that I couldn’t see. Things that were right under my nose! He gave me input, feedback, and the courage to make big decisions.

    I like to work with people I know and trust (I knew him from years ago when I went to his networking Ripple groups), and when I called on him, he came through shining. His work changed my business, which in turn, changed my life and of course has changed the lives of many others. I would say, whether you just need a pep talk for the team or an overhaul in company culture, processes, and operations, Steve is your dude.

    With love, respect, and ultimate gratitude, I would definitely recommend Steve Harper. In fact, I do all the time! Thank you, Steve! You are the best.

    Marian Rose Mayer
    Marian Rose Mayer COO at Waterloo Outdoor Design Build
  • The whole dramatic change in remote working during this time certainly does emphasize the importance of nurturing real relationships. Investment in activities such as Ripple Training reaps rewards at a time like this. These investments make all the difference in helping us all to communicate and function during the current COVID-19 crisis.

    John Kelly
    John Kelly Dell Technologies
  • Working with Steve has been incredible! His concept of making authentic connections with people is brought to life by his fun and applicable storytelling style. Thanks to Steve our organization has gained tremendous value by creating genuine relationships with the people in it. Ripple on!

    Dana Ramey
    Dana Ramey Dell
  • Steve Harper is The Master Rippler. From his innate instinct on how to connect people and who to connect, he has developed an innovative, easy to learn and implement method to build your network. Steve's ripple networking method teaches how to create solid, actionable connections that go well beyond the surface level of most networking and that results in associations that benefit everyone involved not just at the moment of the introduction but long into the future.  Steve is an expert networker, a master instructor and one of the most informative and engaging speakers I have ever seen.  Everyone needs to know how to build deep, lasting connections, Steve is the person who can teach you how to develop or refine those skills.

    Gloria Bell
    Gloria Bell Bell Digital Strategies
  • "Steve is one of the most creative, engaging and genuine people I know.  He's an amazing business strategist, an engaging speaker (I've hired him several times to speak for my two companies) and a master connector of people.  He's been a trusted 'go to' resource for me and he's never steered me wrong. I am truly blessed to count him as a friend and mentor."

    Kay Stroman
    Kay Stroman V.P. of Operations, Silvercar Inc.
  • I attended The Ripple Effect training delivered by Steve Harper and I have to say it was one of the most informative and engaging classes I’ve taken in a while. Steve did a great job providing real life experience and examples! I left there ready to get my Ripple On!

    Jennifer Delara
    Jennifer Delara Dell
  • Steve Harper has mastered the art of connecting with others. His teaching is not only inspiring, but it's also a roadmap on how to be a more effective communicator, connector and well-rounded individual. Steve cares about others and it's evident he also cares about his students and their success. The time you invest in one of Steve's courses will enable you to grow your network and tap into your existing network resources by connecting with others on a caring, human level. Steve's teaching is an incredible asset for any business, large or small.

    Lor Tucker Kaasch
    Lor Tucker Kaasch Tucker Kaasch LLC
  • Steve has taken a concept that many of us do on a daily basis and given it a framework. The Ripple Effect is not networking, it’s a daily connecting of the dots to give our relationships meaning and perspective. Pioneering is not easy and Steve is just the man for the job. He is passionate about the message and is inspiring to listen to. “Selflessness is self-serving” has changed my life!!  

    Neil Reid
    Neil Reid Entrepreneur
  • I attended Training 2010 in February. A personal goal was to connect with attendees/speakers to share ideas, learn about new things happening in the training world and meet prospective clients. The Ripple Effect session absolutely helped me to meet my goals and it exceeded my expectations. The premise of the Ripple Effect is in-line with how I think about connecting and developing relationships at a deeper and more personal level. At the session I met several great women with whom I got to know more personally and professionally over dinner and throughout the conference. I plan to incorporate the Ripple Effect in how I approach new prospects and interact with business colleagues, as well as tell associates what it is and how to use it, as part of my business development efforts. Thank you Steve for a great session and some new insights into connecting!

    Nettie Nitzberg
    Nettie Nitzberg Principal, WOW! Transformations
  • “Steve really goes above and beyond your typical “how-tos” to networking and “connects” to the audience through many of the techniques and strategies he mentions in his session, which in turn, allow you to keep and maintain meaningful relationships within your network."

    Alex Ferda
    Alex Ferda Dell
  • "Steve is one of the most gracious and committed individuals I've ever met. He is always willing to put other people first and truly lives the example of creating positive Ripples out there in the world. Mr. Ripple is a gift to anyone lucky enough to work with him or play in his universe for a little while. Do yourself a favor and meet this man. Invite him to speak to your company or next conference!"

    Kimberlie Dykeman
    Kimberlie Dykeman Lifestyle & Performance Coach for Businessmen

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