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As a successful entrepreneur and business owner, Steve believes in the power of positive connection and it’s direct impact on an individual and corporation’s success. It is this though his relationship-centric business model that Steve helps corporate and conference audiences recognize the importance of building strong relationships and how easily the Ripple tools and techniques can be applied.

Steve enjoys speaking to conference, convention and corporate audiences of any size. His powerful and inspiring message about the power of the Ripple will have people thinking, engaging and connecting like never before!

Whether he’s presenting a keynote address, seminar, workshop or training session, Steve can tailor his material around specific communication issues and how you and your team can benefit.

“Wow, was Steve Harper ever a hit for the full house crowd today of over 150 business executives…”

Rod Cooper – UHY LLP St. Louis

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Kind Words…

  • Wow, was Steve Harper ever a hit for the full house crowd today of over 150 business executives in St. Louis. Let’s just say the, “Ripple Effect” has gotten a great start after an inspiring presentation. Steve did a great job relating to the audience and helping them understand how they can better maximize relationships that can sometimes be uncomfortable but always needed in life and business.

    Rod Cooper
    Rod Cooper UHY LLP St. Louis
  • “Steve is an excellent speaker! We used his services for a local industry-wide training where we learned how to ‘Ripple’ and we had a great time getting to know one another while having fun! We would definitely hire him again and recommend him to others. Thanks Steve!”

    Tracy Mastrangelo
    Tracy Mastrangelo Austin Area Credit Union Chapter
  • "Steve is one of the most creative, engaging and genuine people I know.  He's an amazing business strategist, an engaging speaker and a master connector of people.  He's been a trusted 'go to' resource for me and he's never steered me wrong. I am truly blessed to count him as a friend and mentor."

    Kay Stroman
    Kay Stroman V.P. of Operations, Silvercar Inc.
  • " Steve Harper is a dynamic speaker who touches upon how we as humans can make the world a better place to live. His message about The Ripple Effect is wisdom that we should all embrace to cultivate both honest and lasting personal and professional relationships and partnerships.  We were extremely pleased to hear Mr. Harper speak at one of our conferences this year. The audience was captivated by his presentation and left the conference making references to his message."

    L. Xavier Cano
    L. Xavier Cano National Association of Hispanic MBAs/President
  • I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in Steve’s audience on two different occasions. The first time I was attending a conference where Steve was the keynote. Engaging the audience and stressing the importance of real meaningful relationships, Steve’s Ripple Effect struck a chord. Offering multiple techniques to open communication with people, Steve gives you the tools to engage new customers and strengthen existing relationships. Steve and I realized we shared several unique connections, we live in the same town, our sons play soccer at competing schools, and we exercise at the same city park on the same trail. Several years later I was responsible for putting together education for a conference and Steve was my first choice. I was not disappointed; Steve put together a combination keynote/workshop that set the tone for the rest of the conference. People continue to talk about Steve’s message over a year after the conference. Steve Harper and his Ripple Effect training reinforce that strong meaningful relationships can not only take you places, it can take you everywhere. Systematically doing little things to create and strengthen personal and professional relationships can have a huge impact on your success and happiness. I would enthusiastically recommend Steve for your next conference.

    Bill Long
    Bill Long Follett Higher Education Group
  • Steve Harper is an amazing speaker and really brings to light the idea of connecting with others that matter.  He really focuses on how we, as business individuals, entrepreneurs and the like can talk to anyone, hand out business cards to anyone and never follow through with that connection.  The One connection that you make today could change your business, your personal life or your goals for the future.  Steve's experiences in doing this and how he has been able to connect individuals who would probably never have crossed paths is inspirational.   All of us have dreams and goals that we will need others help to accomplish and with Steve Harper's expertise in connecting individuals - you never know who might be the next person you meet that will push you into the next level!

    Heather Smith
    Heather Smith Keller Williams Realty
  • Steve Harper under-promised and over-delivered to our Austin Executives Association in presenting the concept of The Ripple Effect. His presentation was engaging, informative and entertaining. Most of all, the Ripple Effect will help us be better businesspersons and shift our paradigm of what effective networking is supposed to be and how to use the “Ripple” to build relationships for future successes.

    John Fincher
    John Fincher Corporate Investment
  • I attended Training 2010 in February. A personal goal was to connect with attendees/speakers to share ideas, learn about new things happening in the training world and meet prospective clients. The Ripple Effect session absolutely helped me to meet my goals and it exceeded my expectations. The premise of the Ripple Effect is in-line with how I think about connecting and developing relationships at a deeper and more personal level. At the session I met several great women with whom I got to know more personally and professionally over dinner and throughout the conference. I plan to incorporate the Ripple Effect in how I approach new prospects and interact with business colleagues, as well as tell associates what it is and how to use it, as part of my business development efforts. Thank you Steve for a great session and some new insights into connecting!

    Nettie Nitzberg
    Nettie Nitzberg Principal, WOW! Transformations
  • I recently had the pleasure of working with Steve Harper at our South Texas Realtor Convention, one of our largest events of the year. We were thrilled to have Steve as our luncheon and break-out session speaker. “Many people have crossed my path over the past 12 years in the Realtor Association business, and Steve is at the top of my personal list in terms of intelligence, sophistication and energy. Steve’s message to our audience was dynamic, succinct and very timely. He had obviously done his research about the trends in our industry and his message was very well received. Additionally, his utmost responsiveness in preparing for the event was most appreciated. “I have no doubt that these significant strengths will lead to his continued success. Any organization would be fortunate to have him as a speaker. I can be reached at 361-991-8221 if you would like to discuss his attributes personally.

    Thorunn Kelley Programs Director, South Texas Realtors Conference

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