Iphoto-41-e1388628944986t’s not where you start but where you finish.

The greatest athletes in the world understand what a difference a coach can make in their performance. So if it works for professional athletes, doesn’t it make sense that the same logic applies you as well?

Whether you are an individual, business leader or corporation, Steve Harper and The Ripple Effect team can help. We offer customizable programs that can help you achieve the results you want and Ripple your way to a higher level of personal and professional success like never before.

Some of the programs offered include:

  • Personal & executive coaching
  • Goal and success planning sessions
  • Network building
  • Leadership development
  • Team development
  • Building a Ripple-centric work environment

Schedule an exploratory session to see what Ripple Strategic Coaching & Consulting can do for you or your organization.

  • Steve Harper gave me the greatest single piece of advice in my 22 years as a business owner. At year 14 I was feeling burnt out. My company’s growth cycle was in the maturity phase and my industry was in the decline stage.  I tried to sell my company and soon realized it was worth very little for the hassle. Thus I had plans to wind it down.

    I confided in Steve my angst. He had shared his experience of selling his company and the pros and cons of each process and the outcome. He asked qualifying questions to get to the root of my decision making.

    Steve…”Do you have positive cash flow? Is there a way to incentivize your staff and restructure? If so, hold onto it and reap what you can. Your clients are loyal, your infrastructure is solid.”

    Steve got my attention.  So much so I choose to right size my office space, reward management for minimizing expenses and increasing margins and delegated the majority of my work duties.

    I am thrilled to say we have been in business for the last 8 years reaping the rewards of a lifestyle business. I work minimally and get paid adequately.  Who knew that smaller could be better, I always thought if you weren’t growing you were dying.

    THANK YOU STEVE! My company is still alive and kicking because of you!

    Kelsey August
    Kelsey August Lone Star Direct
  • Steve Harper is a master connector and is someone who practices what he preaches. Steve knows the power of genuine connection and goes out of his way to engage and connect with people around him. It seems the man knows everyone, is everywhere and is involved in everything. Yet he always has time for people and makes everyone feel important. How? He has a genuine interest in people and is passionate about helping people connect and empowering them to be better connectors.

    For anyone who has ever questioned the difference one person can make, Steve is proof that the difference can be huge. The Ripples created by Steve, in just my own life, are countless. I’ve learned from him by way of his book, his classes, and most inspiringly, his example. Steve knows the magic of connection and is making the world a brighter, happier, more connected place, one ripple at a time.

    How do you help the most people and make the biggest impact on the world? If you are Steve Harper, you perfect the craft of meaningful connection, then go out into the world and share what you know.

    Everyone agrees networking is important and we all know we could be better communicators and have stronger connections. Steve’s classes go beyond what we all know as “networking” - taking it from a skill we think we should be better at, to a process that’s fun, interesting and makes our entire lives richer. When you fully grasp the power of The Ripple Effect, your life won’t ever be the same.

    Melissa Lombard
    Melissa Lombard Keller Williams Realty

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