No matter your circumstance, the Ripple Central Team can customize a Rippling roadmap to success. Whether you’re in career transition, aiming to take on a more active role in your career development, seeking a promotion or leadership role, aspiring to build your own personal brand, ready to leave your corporate job to start your own company, or struggling with your current entrepreneurial endeavors, the Ripple Central Team can help. If you’re an entrepreneur, executive and/or corporate leader looking to better your team, sales performance, customer service, satisfaction, and retention, employee engagement, and/or connections with your prospects and client/customers, the Ripple Central Team can help. Or perhaps you want to create an internal culture of creativity and innovation? Perhaps you’re seeking to re-fuel your inspiration tank to support your system and boost effectiveness? Guess what? The Ripple Central Team can help.

Be on the receiving end of a refreshingly unique keynote message rich with powerful stories that translate into meaningful actions for your audience. Steve’s no nonsense, straight-from-the-heart content will not only entertain, but inspire actionable ideas that can be implemented immediately. This is not some cookie-cutter message, but instead, a customized address themed around specific communication issues from which you and your team, conference or organization will directly benefit. Through our founder and Chief Rippler Steve Harper’s relationship-centric business model, your audience will learn all about the power of positive connection and how it applies to both individual and/or organizational success. What’s more, your audience will learn how to effectively implement Ripple tools and techniques to create smarter, deeper connections. After all is said and done, your audience will walk away with the tools necessary to build relationships for future business wins, combined with a newfound sense of what effective networking is supposed to be. Whether you’re organizing a convention, trade show, conference, or an event/workshop/seminar/training for a corporate audience, Steve Harper and the Ripple Central Team can deliver a themed keynote address, designed to get your group thinking, engaging, and connecting like never before! Contact the Ripple Central Team to book a speaking engagement.

“Steve Harper under-promised and over-delivered to our Austin Executives Association in presenting the concept of The Ripple Effect. His presentation was engaging, informative and entertaining. Most of all, the Ripple Effect will help us be better businesspersons and shift our paradigm of what effective networking is supposed to be and how to use the “Ripple” to build relationships for future successes.” John Fincher, Corporate Investment, Inc.

The greatest athletes in the world understand what a difference a coach can make in their performance. The same goes for the greatest minds in business. Smart business people understand that a coach can be a powerful catalyst for reaching, even exceeding, peak performance. Steve offers personal development, business development, and executive leadership coaching for professionals, entrepreneurs, wannaprenuers, business executives, or anyone trying to integrate who they are with what they do to live a life they want to live and achieve the success that they deserve. Whether you are an individual, business leader, or corporation, Steve Harper and The Ripple Central Team can create a customized program to help you Ripple your way to a higher level of personal and professional fulfillment. Some of the programs offered include: personal and executive coaching, goal and success planning sessions, network building, leadership development, team development, and how to build a Ripple-centric work environment. Contact the Ripple Central Team to book a coaching session.

“His down-to-earth style makes him easy to work with. If you need a resource, a great idea, or a friendly nudge to accomplish a goal, Steve’s the guy to see.” Susan Franzen, University of Texas 

Companies, businesses, and/or organizations seeking training can call on Steve Harper and the Ripple Central Team. Help your organization think differently about the importance of building relationships in and out of the company environment! Steve and The Ripple Central team can provide customized training to improve employee engagement, internal culture, networking skills, customer service and business development, as well as a variety of specific offerings to upgrade your team’s effectiveness and overall business performance. Contact the Ripple Central Team to learn more about customized training options.

“One of the best trainers I’ve ever worked with. Funny, engaging, and most importantly real. Steve’s unique approach made sense to our team and helped us see how a few changes in how we approached the process of connecting could have a real Ripple Effect for our customers.”  Lisa Thomas, Denton County, TX

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