Self Promotion From “That Guy”

Make Sure Your Horn Isn’t Too Loud or Annoying

I’ll admit it.

I am my own worst promoter.

My good friend Robert Wickman has chastised me (in a positive way) for years for my lack of self-promotion. He’s always encouraging me to be more front and center in promoting my book, speaking events and consulting services. He’s right in a lot of ways, I should be more proactive. But I don’t. Why?

I never want to be thought of as “that guy” (or gal – though hopefully no one would ever think that to begin with). You know the one people avoid at cocktail parties because they know that the conversation will always be about them. You know the conversation, how busy they are, how much they have going on, how much you should hire them for your next whatever.  That person that only talks about me, me, me and never really shows any interest in the person they are actually talking with. Or is it talking at?

And of course, “that guy” is just as bad on social media. In fact “that guy” approaches tools like Twitter and Facebook like it’s their own personal bully pulpit. Actually the apt word there is bully come to think of it. How many bullies have you known in life that were are loud mouth wind bags that think they are greater than they actually are?

I know a few people like this. I’ve seen the looks when I’ve been at events with them. I’ve heard the whispers and the way people make fun of them when they’ve run out of promotional oxygen and have moved on to their next victim. I never want to be that person.

So I try to check my horn size and volume.

It’s a slippery slope this self-promotion game. A game that I don’t personally understand the rules to nor do I want to. I’d simply rather not play. Sure I know I’d get more business if I was out there tooting my own horn a bit more but at what cost?  Guess I’d rather do it the way that I’ve always done it and play a bit more humbler tune than the “How Great I Am” song some people like to play over and over again.

Of course, that’s just be my opinion I could be wrong. What say you? Tweet me, Facebook me or simply drop me a line and let me know what you think. Email is steve AT

Ripple On!!!


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