See Something Say Something

“Do you know how proud of you I am?” With those words, something changed.

The Backstory

I have been doing some informal coaching for a friend of mine that is struggling with some major life changes. She finds herself unemployed and really struggling to find the confidence to apply for jobs that she is more than qualified. She needed a nudge in a few positive directions. In the grand scheme of things, I didn’t do much but keep her focused and on the task at hand.

She took the advice in stride. Modified her thinking and her actions and things started to fall in place. Her resume was getting more attention. She was making it beyond the phone screen. She was applying for jobs she knew she wanted to do instead of jobs she’d have to do.

Share In The Success

When she shared the good news she had landed the job she really wanted, with the company she really wanted to work with I was so excited for her. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that company is damn lucky to have her.

I asked her if she realized how far she had come just how proud of her I was, she choked up. Of course that wasn’t my intention.

She said, “Steve throughout this entire process you were the only one who was there for me. You always called or texted to check in on me. You kept encouraging me. When I was down, you picked me back up. I guess when you said how proud of me you were that was almost more rewarding than actually getting the job. You have no idea how much that means to me.”

Bottom line she is deserving of those words. She worked her tail off – I am very proud of her.

Who in your life could you help in a similar manner? What people in your life need to know you are proud of them?

Words have power and can be just enough to fuel people over the finish line. You don’t need to be a coach to experience this or to do good for someone out there. You just have to care enough to do something.

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