Rippling For The Jaded

Last night I had the privilege of speaking to some top insurance professionals about the power of Rippling. At the end, an audience member raised a question that I just had to share.

Though I won’t be able to recall her exact wording. The question went something like this:

“How do you get someone who’s been burned before by people to embrace the concept of Rippling.

Especially if they are already introverted to begin with.”

What an awesome question. I won’t bore you with the long-winded answer I gave last night. But I will give you some thoughts and observations as they occur to me this morning.

In today’s world, I recognize, that many of us have had more negative experiences with people than positive ones. When you get someone like me who evangelizes the concept of being kind to everyone, regardless of whether they deserve it or not, could be hard to swallow. I get that. Looking for and finding ways to create Ripples for people who won’t necessarily appreciate it or ever thank you for efforts can leave you a little jaded. Okay, maybe a lot jaded.

But what’s the alternative? To be like them? To walk around pissed off at the world all the time?

Walk into any Starbucks in America and you’ll see those people. They stand in line impatiently staring at their phones and refusing to make eye contact with anyone. They couldn’t look more isolated, angry and alone. It isn’t just at Starbucks. It’s at the grocery store, driving in traffic or walking the dog. So many people carrying so much disassociation and negativity around with them.

That is why it’s critical to not be one of “them”. It’s important to be something different. To be the example from which they might learn from.

Easier said than done right? Especially if you’ve been burned by other people or their reactions to you. And certainly if you are introverted. Rejection and scorn can be double painful and debilitating. I should know, I still hold the top prize for “Most Introverted” of all-time.

My advice to this young woman that asked the question was simple: Be the example. If you know someone that feels dejected about people and life in general, they need you more than ever. Show them how Rippling doesn’t have to be hard. Show them how the smallest actions can have some of the largest and most positive reactions imaginable. Look for and find ways to create Ripples for them. Help them to see that the world isn’t defined by their past experiences or the people who rejected them. It is defined by the path we carve for ourselves…and in the future.

That may just be the biggest Ripple they’ve had created for them in their life and they will have you to thank for it.

Ripple On!!!

ICYMI: If Only

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