Success is never guaranteed but without real effort the results sure are


Do you need some daily ripple goodness? I put out a Ripple thought of the day on Twitter almost every day.

My goal:

Get you thinking about your life, your business and your ability to connect and engage with the rest of the world.

I typically spend zero time promoting my own stuff on this blog or elsewhere. However something happened to me the other day that made me think, I am making a difference!

A woman approached me following a corporate speaking event. She’s lost her job due to a layoff, gone through a divorce and is struggling with some issues with her aging parents. She said most days she doesn’t feel like getting out of bed.

One day a former colleague sent her a tweet that she thought she’d appreciate. It was my #Ripplethoughtoftheday. She said that is when things for her started to change. She looked me up on Twitter. Then went back and read my old Tweets. Apparently she found something out of these little “words of wisdom” (her words, not mine) that inspired her.

So every day she looks for my daily Tweet and somehow it always seems to be something she needs to hear. She is using it as her motivation and inspiration to stay focused and committed to making her own difference out there in the world. She credited my little Tweets with a complete turnaround in her attitude and motivational direction. She’s now happily employed and focused on controlling her life. Not the other way around!

To be honest, when I heard her story it came at a perfect time in my life as well. I was actually wondering if anyone paid attention. Aside from a few of my loyal Ripplers (you all know who you are and THANK YOU for your support) I was sort of feeling like my little knowledge nuggets were getting lost in the hubbub of the rest of the social noise. I was literally thinking of stopping the daily Tweets for a while.

Her story and the hug she gave me as thank you clearly showed me that I can’t stop. If I inspire even one person out there then then who knows how far and wide that Ripple might go. Funny how things work out when I actually start listening to my own advice huh?

I know there’s lots of great content out there on the “Internets” but I’d like to think I’m adding to the conversation in some small way. I’d sure appreciate it if you’d follow me on Twitter – my handle is @rippleon and share any of my Tweets you find particularly useful or motivational by retweeting. (that’s what the cool kids do) Or cutting and pasting to your favorite social platform (Facebook, Google Plus, Pintress, etc.). I’d also welcome you to join the conversation. Let’s talk if you want to expand the conversation beyond the Tweet. I would welcome that opportunity to hear your story as well!

So if you aren’t tuned in to the #Ripplethoughtoftheday please do, I’d be honored. Then maybe I can create a little Ripple for you in some small way every day. Consider it my gift to you.

Ripple On!!!

ICYMI: Recognize Your Heroes

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  • Kali Rourke

    Keep strewing those bread crumbs! You never know when some positive comment will resonate with the right person at the right time…unless of course, it isn’t there to read. Proud of you and what you bring to the community!

    • Steve

      Thank you so much Ms. Kali. I love what I do because it brings people like you into my life and career. That’s the real Ripple!

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