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Sorry I’ve been so delinquent in posting as of late. There’s a ton of excuses I could make including the default excuse “I’ve been so busy” everyone tends to give when asked what they’ve been up to, though there is a bit of honesty to that. There is a lot more truth to the fact that I just didn’t have much to say here. So I decided against just posting something that I wasn’t insanely passionate about. Thats why I elected to spare you and me the spurious act of posting for the sake of posting.

IMG_1814Lately I’ve been looking at different mediums to get my Ripple messages out to the masses. One of the areas, thanks to my boys’ encouragement, has been looking at doing more videos. Though I must confess, I can’t stand seeing myself on video, I am liking the raw honest platform which video offers. It’s so freeing to support the message. By the emphasis of a smile, a frown or crazy contortion of my body. I’m also having some fun learning the nuances of editing as well, though, I am still painfully slow and bad at it. You’ll forgive me won’t you?

So I have found something to be passionate about so I am posting it here. I’m starting to a series called Ripplelife. It will be my general musings of life, Rippling and other assorted Steveisms. I’m not going away from the writing process (still gonna get book #2 out one of these days) I can assure you, stretching my legs in other genres will allow my creativity to come out in other ways. I mean….Unbound ripples are the best kind, right?

So down below is RippleLife #2 in all of it’s splendid glory. Why #2? Well in episode #1 I used some potty language that I know some people who read this blog might be offended by. I definitely didn’t want to force that down your throat if that’s not your thing. Not that bad language is my thing all the time (just sometimes). So RippleLife #2 is more G-rated and more or less along the lines of what you’ll see in future episodes.

If, however,  you are curious about #1, I can invite you to check it out. Just know that I have already made you aware of said potty language – The 1st quarter of 2017 had me pretty fired up.

So with no further adieu – #RippleLife #2. More episodes will follow but if you want to see them you need to subscribe to my channel on YouTube to be alerted to their posting.

If you can’t see the video here’s the link to my channel with a few other videos that might of of interest:

Thank you as always for reading, watching and listening. I do it for you!

Ripple On!!!


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