The Ripple Effect Book (3rd Edition) Combo -Two Books + Connection Lab


What can one connection mean?

In the case of Cassandra, it meant nearly $250K in new business. For Thom it meant an additional $ 75K in speaking revenue. For Chris, it meant landing a dream job he never thought he could get. What could one connection developed and grown the right way mean to you, your life, your business or career? (Hint: It could mean everything!)

To celebrate the forthcoming release of the 3rd Expanded and Revised edition of The Ripple Effect, author and connection expert Steve Harper is Rippling something to you which brings
the power of the book to life.

Purchase two copies of the book and Steve will throw in a 30-minute Connection Lab strategy session for free! That’s one book for you and one to Ripple on to someone that you know will
benefit from this powerful book.

What’s the connection lab? Check it out here:

What to expect:
Books will be shipped immediately. When you order the book, please let us know if you’d like Steve to autograph or personalize them in any way.

You will receive confirmation back with a link to schedule your personal Connection Lab Session with Steve. This will be done via Zoom at a time of mutual convenience anytime in the next 6 months. During your session come prepared with one specific connection in mind that you’d like to develop and grow. Then get ready to have your mind blown as Steve shares some of his Ripple magic to help you develop a connection plan to deepen and strengthen that connection into something amazing.

This is a limited time offer and one heck of a deal normally for $395 for only $ 159.95 (plus tax + SH).

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