Ripple Connection Kit


What would your life be like if your created a Ripple a day for 30 Days?

We’ve created the Ripple Connection Kit to help you do just that. These unique cards are a way for you to create a Ripple for someone you think either needs it or would just benefit from it. These little cards when combined with a the right action can create a Ripple that will undoubtedly change someone’s day and maybe their life.

Ways to use the cards:

  • Secretly purchase a stranger’s coffee and ask the barista to share the card letting them know a Ripple has been done for them
  • Do something unexpected for a friend and colleague and give them a card with a note to create a Ripple of their own
  • Recognize a member our our military, police or fire departments and thank them for their courage
  • Do what my dad does and secretly purchase a senior citizen’s meal and ask them to do the same for someone else some day
  • Figure out your own way to leverage the cards to create a memorable experience for yourself and someone else

30 Day Challenge:

IMG_8545Purchase the kit of cards and commit to 30 days of Rippling. Create positive moments and actions for someone other than yourself and guess what, after 30 days you’ll be amazed at how those Ripples will have changed your life. Give it try. Make a difference. Start to Ripple!

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