Ripple Connection Question Cards

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Not quite sure how to engage in talk that matters at a networking event? Tired of the traditional (and exhausted) conversation starter of “What do you do?” The Ripple Connection Question cards might just be what you need!

Based on the now famous 8 Minute Ripple events, the Ripple Connection Questions (complete with a convenient lanyard) are an excellent tool to leverage meaningful conversations and connection points at any networking venue. Whether you’re interacting with a total stranger or a friend, co-worker or colleague, the Ripple Connection Questions are designed to get your conversations on the right track.

Deepen your connections and sharpen your networking skills and purchase your set today!

PSST…NEW PRODUCT ALERT: You can now create your own Create A Ripple Card Set to keep Rippling top-of-mind on a daily basis. Use these unique little cards to start a Ripple whether it’s creating a conversation or doing an anonymous good deed such as buying a stranger’s coffee or picking up a tab of an elderly person.

This unique set of 50 cards encourages you to create a Ripple every single day for people you know, hope to know, or don’t know at all. Implement a little Ripple to positively impact someone’s day!


1 review for Ripple Connection Question Cards

  1. Tonya Flemming

    This has made my networking so much easier!

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