Lightning Strike Coaching Session


Dr. Asha Prasad and Steve Harper have coached Fortune 500 executives, community leaders and entrepreneurs for over a decade. Their results are nothing short of amazing and through this new program, you get to experience their one on one coaching firsthand.

The Lightning Strike Coaching session is 1.5 hour immersive coaching session with both Dr. Asha and Steve to focus on anything you like. Whether you are struggling with your leadership style, trying to become an invaluable resource to your company or thinking seriously about starting your own company, this incredibly session will be the spark that gets you thinking and ultimately, to take action on that next right decision.

This offering is available for a limited time offer of $316! Two coaches for the price of one? You bet!

And if you love the session and we know you will, you just might want to continue being coached by Asha and Steve. We’ve got you covered there too!  You will receive a 50% discount on their 90 day Joint Coaching Program.

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The greatest athletes and business performers all have a secret weapon. They use it to gain an advantage, perfect a skill or simply solve a performance problem. They all rely on a coach.

Why? Because a coach pushes them. A coach brings outside perspective. A coach sees things they don’t. The coach has one goal in mind – to make them better.

Shouldn’t you put the same advantage to work for you? (Hint: The answer is YES!)



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