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Recently I connected several of my favorite Austin women entrepreneurs with one another. There was no particular reason to do it other than I thought it was a great way to get some conversations going amongst some of Austin’s best and brightest. Never in a million years did I imagine the sheer number of Ripples that would be created with a few creative lines of introduction and a bit of assertive encouragement to insure everyone made a real attempt to connect with one another.

“Steve, this is one of the best things that could happen for me right now.”

“There are women on this list that I never would have had a chance to meet without this introduction. Thank you!”

“I’ve been a serious fan of several of these women entrepreneurs for years and have always wanted to know them. Now, thanks to you, I do.”

“Talk about creating some Ripples. Smart women. A little wine. Some serious conversation. What else could  a girl ask for?”

“Who knew it would take a guy to create a little girl power. Well done sir!”

Those were just some of the statements that I heard via email, phone and text when I cast the stone, made the introduction and got these fabulous ladies talking with one another. Though I didn’t do it for the public and private recognition, I’d be lying it I didn’t say that I didn’t actually enjoy that unexpected side benefit.

I did this because I know some incredible women that simply need to know one another. We can all use some new connections to enter our personal and professional life from time to time. Often that’s where we get our motivation, our inspiration or a solution to a problem we’ve been struggling with privately. I didn’t exactly know what would come of connecting these women entrepreneurs together but I knew one thing. I’d never know if I didn’t try.

Connecting fun, interesting people to one another is a great way to build your own network. It’s not even hard. It just takes a little forethought, mixed with a little creativity and some common connection point(s) which solidify why you are making the connection in the first place.

I literally took 10 minutes to craft a group email with a point of interest for everyone concerned and then encouraged these talented, amazing women to get to know one another via their own private Ripple. I promised them that there wasn’t one person on the list that wasn’t supposed to be there. To be honest, I think the intrigue and mystery was all the primer necessary to kick off a wave of Ripples that I am sure will manifest into an evening, sometime soon, where a of lots of laughs, some great stories and more than a few bottles of wine (real wine – not Ripple) will be shared.

Seems like a great way to create more than a few Ripples to me.

Ripple On!!!

ICYMI: Go Big or Go Home


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