Podcast Official! Now on Apple Podcasts + Stitcher + Spotify + Soundcloud + Podbean

My show The Ripple Effect Podcast with Steve Harper has been gaining huge traction these past few years. Are you listening?

This podcast has been an amazing experience as I continue to challenge myself to dig deeper into topics people want to hear, interview interesting entrepreneurs and life learners and of course share a few Ripple stories along the way.

Though you can find the show on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Soundcloud and Podbean, you can also tune in directly here at Ripple Central for new episodes. Click here to check out the latest episodes!

I have to thank Thom Singer (host of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do) for a little guidance on where to officially host the podcast so that it would be legit enough for iTunes to make it available in their store. In addition to Thom, I want to thank a few other people who have encouraged me along the way. Both Clark Buckner (host of the Technology Advice Podcast) and Stephen Lahey (host of the Small Business Talent Podcast) have been incredibly supportive and encouraging as I’ve dipped my virgin toes into these scary podcasting waters. I’m sure I will continue to learn from these podcast masters as I go along. My sincere hope is that some of their awesomeness from their own shows will rub off on mine.

I am working hard to bring the message of Rippling to a wider audience. So here’s my big ask – Listen to the shows. Write a review. Share with your friends, colleagues and social media peeps. Help create some Ripples for this little show please! And if you have any topics, questions or ideas for what you’d like to hear on a future show. Please drop me a line at steve@ripplecentral.com. I’m also interested in interviewing interesting guests so if you or someone you know might like to step up to the plate to be interviewed please let me know!

As always, thank you for your support!

Ripple On!!!

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  • thom singer

    Steve – CONGRATULATIONS on the launch of your podcast. I can’t wait to listen to the shows. You will find the podcast community is full of really good people who are there to help you succeed. I know you show will be a big hit.

    • Steve

      Thank you my friend. Not sure my podcast will rock as much as yours does but I’ll give it my best.

      Thanks for all of your support!

  • blogging tips for business


    It’s ,y first time on your interesting blog and I’m impressed indeed.

    • Steve

      Thank you for your comment Jim. Hope you’ll enjoy the other episodes. More to come out soon.

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