Nicole Gatling: I’m Gonna Make It After All

If you were a reader of my former BLOG ( you’ll remember my mentioning my good friend, artist and creative guru Maria Gatling a few times.  I absolutely love Maria’s BLOG and her ideas on creativity.  Her BLOG is called Inspired Creativity and I would encourage you to read through some of her posts because they are amazing. I’d also suggest you check out Maria’s book it will definitely get you inspired to leverage creativity in your own life!

But today I want to share a link to a Guest Post Maria has from her amazing daughter Nicole. Nicole is a vibrant, incredible young woman that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know this past year. She’s a whole lot of Maria and a whole lot of her awesome dad Roy. Let me assure you the apple does not fall far from the tree and I very grateful to know this amazing family and call them all friends.

Anyway, Nicole’s guest post is definitely worth sharing so please check it out. I think no matter your age you will be able to relate to getting out there and finding your own groove in the world. Nicole tells you how she’s incorporated some of what she’s learned from her mom and what it’s meant to her life. Check it out at:

Until next time, keep making a difference out there in the world and of course….

Ripple On!!!

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