New Ripple Vlog: Resolution Failure

Here’s the latest installment to the Ripple Vlog. The New Year’s resolution failure. According to my sons, I need to make more effort to do more with these videos – more action shots, more real personality, more man on the street kind of stuff. Okay boys points well taken. So I went to work.

I thought I did a pretty darn good job on this one – simulating jogging and push-ups and of course my dramatic acting ability – the loveable loser. I mean I won’t get an Academy Award nomination but it’s good right boys?

Their response: “Hmm nice try dad. Wasn’t exactly what we were looking for but it’s a start. People probably won’t watch it anyway.”


So I promise, these Vlogs will get better. I will also not film again with auto-focus with my camera the next time I shoot one of these things because my enormous Karl Malden nose isn’t well liked by it in the second half of the video. Stupid technology.

Well here’s the video. Take a watch if you don’t mind and please like and subscribe to my channel to not miss my next riveting release!

Can’t see the video? No sweat. Go here:

Thanks for watching and as always…

Ripple On!!!

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