Negativity Sucks Pt. 2

I mentioned in my last post how I had found myself somewhat adrift a sea of endless negativity. I had managed to let people and circumstances take control of my fate and suddenly I was a passenger instead of the captain of my own ship.

That sucked.

So how did I fix it?

Well, it was the oddest thing. One night, it was like maybe 3AM, I woke up with a voice in my head.

It said, Your happiness is not defined by anyone else but yourself. Wake up you fool. Stop being an idiot.

Now I can’t say for sure but I think “the voice” sounded a whole lot like Mr. T!

Mr. T 2

I sat straight up in bed. My subconsciousness had literally demanded that I stop letting that negative crap affect me and it was choosing right then and there to give me a big old butt chewing. A flood of emotions came over me as I went downstairs and found my journal. I started writing feverishly about all that I was feeling and how the negativity inside of me had to somehow come out. All the doubt, the fear, the internal negativity seemed to escape through my pen as I poured out all that was in my heart and mind that night.

The biggest words that flowed were these: YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

Suddenly all those coaching sessions, all those personal conversations, all those pep talks I had given other people came rushing back to me. Why was it okay to share such advice (good advice at that) with other people yet I was unwilling or unable to take it or use it myself?

I think my brain had literally said….ENOUGH! You my friend deserve the benefits of the good morsels you have been giving to others all these years.

We all have our critics. We all have people who doubt our abilities or, more to the point, people who would like to see us fail and actually get enjoyment and celebrate when we do. Though you can’t control other people’s actions towards you, you can do some things to not fall into the trap of letting it affect you so directly. Perhaps what you should actually do is what I didn’t do…at least initially.

  1. Secretly thank them for betting against you. Makes proving them wrong so much more fun and rewarding.
  2. Realize that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Theirs just happens to be wrong.
  3. No one but you can let anyone else’s negativity stick to you. Just pretend you are made entirely out of Pam.
  4. Remember the harshest critics are often the most insecure. Pay them no mind. That makes them really insecure.
  5. Believe in yourself. If you don’t do this first then how can anyone else believe in you second?
  6. Wake up and realize that you are good enough. You really are.

When I was done with my mental dump, I actually felt kind of silly for allowing someone else and some other circumstances to consume so much space inside my head.  I needed to purge the bad juju that I was letting happen and simply quit letting it affect every aspect of my being. Once I recognized all that I no longer let any of it have power over me.

Negativity does suck. It can kill everything that is positive in your life.

My friend let me assure, you have WAY MORE positive in your life than you think you do. Don’t let negativity suck at your soul like it did mine. Guard against it. Brush off the criticism. Smile and move on. You are the captain of your own ship so take back the ship’s wheel and have confidence you can steer it on your own.

And always remember….you are the creator of your own destiny.

I pity the fool who does not follow this advice.

Ripple On!!!



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