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If it weren’t for the Internet, I am pretty sure I would not know half the incredibly awesome people I know.  One of those awesome people is Terri M, a Minnesota BLOGGER and amazing storyteller. I simply love her BLOG called These Are Days which I highly encourage you to check out.

Terri tells fabulous stories about her adventures as a wife, a super-mom, world championship bowler, runner, dog lover and rock star employee. She is a Rippler of the highest order and someone I am grateful to call a friend.

One of her recent BLOG posts really made me smile because it drives home what I often talk about when it comes to Connection Points at work. Finding that little bit of something that helps you engage and build relationships with the people we work with.  “Agent Terri” and her co-worker have a very special connection point that begins with the @ and most definitely ends with a smile.

Check her post out at:

Ripple On!!!

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