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I want to tell you about a small movement that I started at the beginning of 2013. I call it the Make A Difference movement.  You see when I first started promoting the Ripple, our slogan was Make A Difference. Start To Ripple! Though it was impossible all those years ago to conceive of what the Ripple would become, the commitment to creating something special, a movement if you will, was very much a part of why I wrote the book, agreed to start speaking and evangelizing the concept. I knew the potential this little movement had to make a very big difference in the world.

What I’ve realized over the past few years, either because that’s the way my audience gravitated towards or perhaps it’s how I allowed my brand to be conceived, I became, and by extension The Ripple, became all about connection. People contacted me more about networking and building better connections for their own personal and professional life than than were focused on how they could create their own Ripple Effect out there in the world. Sure, I always tried to sneak a little bit of that into every talk, speech and interaction, but I’ve only recently begun to realize that Making a Difference wasn’t focused on enough.

So in 2013, I’ve decided to return to my roots. I’ve decided to put more time, energy and focus on recommitting myself and my mission to helping people understand the power of The Ripple Effect and how it can and will impact the world. But I need your help!

I’ve started a campaign on Twitter with the hashtag #makeadifference.  My goal is to every day remind people how many days they have left in the year to make a positive Ripple on themselves, on others and in the world. My goal is to get people to focus on creating one positive Ripple per day. It could mean holding the door open for someone as you walk into the coffee shop. It could be a well placed compliment to someone you see who could use it. It might be something simple and unrecognized as picking up that piece of trash you see at the park or on your morning jog. It might mean just doing something nice for someone anonymously like buying someone’s lunch or picking up their coffee tab.

The point is doing something. Make some little contribution to the world EVERY SINGLE DAY OF 2013.

Imagine how good it will feel doing it. Imagine how amazing you will feel at the end of the year when you look back at how you’ve personally had a hand in making this world just a little bit better.

So here’s where I need your help! I’m asking you to commit to the campaign. I’m asking you to jump on Twitter and Retweet to your followers my daily reminder. I’m asking that you ask your followers, friends, business associates, colleagues, etc. to join you in this movement. Imagine what kind of impact we could all make if we just committed to #makeadifference in your life and the lives of others by creating one positive Ripple per day! 362 opportunities left in 2013 to do it!

My Twitter handle is @rippleon

Thank you and here’s to making 2013 all about making a difference by starting to Ripple!

Ripple On!!!

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