I want you to do something for me.  I want you to think about what your life would like like if you had no limits placed on it right now.

If you weren’t tied to a paycheck.

If you weren’t stuck in a boring relationship.

If money were no object.

If “no I can’t” were replaced with “that sounds like fun, let’s go!”

If you’re like me, that little exercise opens up a world of possibilities. It gets your juices flowing and your mind racing. It opens up the window of what I’d like to have happen rather than what is happening.

But you’re a realist. I’m a realist.  Daydreaming is great  butwhen it’s over we have to come back to reality. You know real life.  Real life reality where limits dictate what we can and can not do.  Limits that keep us exactly where we are right now. Stuck.

I see so many people who let their limits define who they are and how they live, or should I say not live their life. The sad thing is that most people’s limits are of their own creation.  They created them and only they have the ability to fix them.

If your heart starting beating a little bit faster as you thought about those questions I asked you at the beginning of this post then there is still hope. You still have a pulse. You still have desires. You still have a choice.

Whatever limits you may be facing in your life, don’t let them define you.  My wife reminded me recently it isn’t the dates between your birth and your death that are important.  It’s the dash in between that really matters and what you did with it.

Think about it.

Ripple On!!!

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