Launch Pad Monday

What if you were to start off today with the mindset that this Monday was going to be the start of the best week ever? Do you think your attitude would be at all affected? Would it be your best most positive Monday? You bet!

Most people approach this day with pained trepidation. Ask almost anyone and Monday is one of the most hated words in the English language. It symbolize the dragginess (another Steveism) that I believe inevitably holds many, if not most, people back. It’s a trap that whether you realize it or not it affects your whole attitude and will last well beyond Monday and will permeate the remaining days of your entire week.

So, what if you were to stop. Moreover, what if today you said no more! If you decided Monday wasn’t the enemy. What if you decided that Monday was going to be the best day in the week? That’s right…you just plain decide that this Monday, the one here and now, is the one that is going to launch you into a week full of super successful days that culminate in a fabulous week?

I hear many of you right now. “But Steve, I can’t have a positive Monday because I have too much to do, the kids are driving me crazy, there’s too much to do, etc.” Or “Steve that sounds good but work sucks and no matter how much I fire myself up the results will always be the same.”

Excuses are for people who are willing to let life not only roll over you but pass you by. That kind of attitude is guaranteed to keep you squarely where you are right now. For many….that means just plain stuck and going no where fast.

So if that sounds like you try something different.

The choice is yours. You can approach this Monday with the same old attitude and get the same old tried and true results. Or you don’t have to. You can take control! You can decide to make this day your day. It isn’t your job’s Monday, it’s yours. You can decide that Monday works for you, not the other way around.

You have the power you know?

So make this the most positive Monday that will launch you into the week you know you want to have. Allow this day to propel your attitude and ultimately your happiness into a whole new orbit.

Come on you can do it! It’s Monday! So rejoice. You have so much out there to accomplish. Besides the whole world is waiting.

The countdown is at zero. Time to take off!!!

Ripple On!!!

ICYMI: A Simple Act of Kindness

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