Just Be Yourself While Networking

Are you genuinely interested in building a bigger and better network? There are tons of ways you could go about learning how. Tons of books (mine included) you can read on the subject. Tons of “networking experts” (snooze alert) who will tell you how the cow eats the cabbage on the subject. Lot of BLOGS (this one included) that will give you tips and strategies you can employ to start today!

But the single biggest piece of advice I can give you is…..

Drum roll please!

Just be yourself.

The right kinds of people will enter your life at the exact moment they are supposed to. The problem is if you are too busy polishing up that 30 second elevator pitch on what you do or too worried about making the right impressions, then those opportunities will likely pass you by like a warm summer breeze. Gone, never to return.

People want genuineness when they connect. They don’t want the pitch, and they don’t want to be sold. Often they don’t even care what you do initially. Well the good ones don’t anyway.

They want to know you. They want to know who you are. And they hope to be able to share some about themselves.

Being something you are not only insures you receive more of the same in return. That doesn’t build anything but frustration when you survey the landscape of your network and see faces of people who could really care less about being there for you when you need it.

So just be yourself and the people you are destined to have in your life will rise up to be there. Just as you will rise up to be there for them.

Just food for thought….

Ripple On!!!

ICYMI: Help Now Ask Later

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