Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook Indeed

Jab Jab

I watched Gary Vaynerchuk on Fox News the other morning. Gary was a guest on the weekend edition of Fox’s morning program to promote his new book Jab Jab Jab Right Hook.

Something Gary said really stuck out.

He was talking about ways to leverage social media to build a business. He mentioned how so many companies and individuals get it so wrong when it comes to using social media. His philosophy, which I happen to agree with, is to give, give and give before ever asking.

Too many people don’t realize that self promotion doesn’t work. How many places you’ve spoken at, clients you’ve worked with this week/month/year or how many people are holding up your product in some awkward promotional photo on Facebook or Instagram means you don’t get it. As Gary says, constantly retweeting some public recognition you’ve maybe received from a client or fan is lame. Constantly promoting yourself and how great you are, how great your product or service is doesn’t work. It just goes to show people who DO get it how badly you don’t.

Here’s the deal, when you constantly promote your crap people largely don’t pay attention to you because….


What people do care about is value.

Value you give through your time and effort.

Value you give through your willingness to be of service and help.

Value you give by being genuine and sincere.

That is what makes people feel significant.

That’s what gets people to want to jump in and evangelize you or your business.

That’s what makes a real difference in the world.

People don’t care about some lame ass attempt to be your own homespun PR agent or promotional dynamo.

So just stop. Don’t be that guy. Don’t be that kind of business.

Just don’t.

Do give. Then give again and again. Then and only then do you have the right to ask.

Ripple On!!!

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  • Maria Gatling

    Another great post worth sharing! I really look up to you and thank you for all your valuable content.

  • rippleon

    Thank you Ms. Maria! Think you should read this book…I know you’re love it.

  • Maria Gatling

    rippleon ok…..so far every book you have recommended, I end up loving! Will go out and get it tomorrow. Thanks Steve!

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